Chained Together, the game that will break up friendships on Twitch

After Lethal Company and more recently Content Warning, it is now the turn of Chained Together to take Twitch by storm. This new cooperative game will make life hell for the players who will be tempted, literally.

What is Chained Together?

Chained Together is the studio's third title Anegar Games. It's a game at the Only Up!in which players must overcoming obstacles - such as floating rocks or moving platforms - everything avoiding pitfallswhich make the route even more complex. What's the aim? To escape from hell (that's all) !

While it's possible to tackle the climb solo, Chained Together has been designed to be played with others. As its name suggests, the prisoners are physically bound to each other by a chain. As a result, their movements are relatively limited and the slightest error of judgement on the part of one can lead to a fatal fall for everyone! So the success of the group requires very good synchronisation as well as excellent listening skills. And that's the difficulty of the game...

The start of a success story?

Chained Together is only available just two days agoBut it has already won the hearts of several thousand people. According to SteamDB statisticsa peak at more than 10,800 players was reached on Wednesday 19 June. And at the time of writing, almost 7,000 prisoners are walking the depths of hell.

Chained Together statistics on SteamDB

The title is also taking advantage of the enthusiasm that streamers and their communities have for this type of game. More than 217,000 people were gathered on different channels on the evening of its release, to watch the exploits and failures of one and all.

And today, less than 48 hours after its release, Chained Together is just one place out of the TOP10 of the most followed games on Twitch. While there's no guarantee that the hype will grow and that the game will remain at this level for some time to come, it's a good thing that it will. already a great success for this little game.

Chained Together Twitch statistics
Source : Twitchtracker

Internationally, streamers such as 老皮, Juice or Disguised Toast have taken the plunge, but in France it's the Etoiles, Kenny and Kamet0 who have played a large part in bringing him to the attention of the general public. And the least we can say is that their access to paradise has not been easy...