A Nuke launched in Warzone 2 by a father and his 7 year old son

Recently, TheGigaDada Call of Duty streamer, has obtained a Nuke on the Al Mazrah map of Call of Duty Warzone 2. While this is obviously not the first bomb dropped in a map of the game, the feat was achieved in partnership with his son, Taj, aged just 7.

The Nuke, or nuclear bomb, is a particularly complex objective to complete in Call of Duty Warzone 2. While it was enough to eliminate 30 opponents in the previous opus, several steps are necessary in this new title. You must win 5 games immediately to unlock the Champion's Domination questand pay it off. Only then can you destroy the entire map and win a sixth game.

Since the game's release in November 2022, many content creators have managed to unleash the destructive device. The Streamer TheGigaDadhimself, puts on this performance on TwitchHe is a seasoned fighter.

Even more recently, he repeated the feat with a very special player, his own sonTaj, aged 7. Together they have been playing video games since he was only 5 years old. While we don't recommend playing war games with young children, it's still an impressive feat. In doing so, he has become one of the youngest playersThe youngest player, if not the youngest, has launched a Nuke on Warzone 2.

The streamer has even told Jack Lucky on Twitter that his son was particularly proud of their success as a duo, and that he was "excited to tell his friends about the Nuke" when he dropped him off at the bus stop.