Best-of of Domingo's 3v3 Contest

The basketball tournament organised by Domingo, entitled 3v3 ContestThe event ended with Tony Parker himself, Brisco, Kikesa and Mister MV, the members of the TP Team. Between the two semi-finals, several mini-games and a great dunk contest, this first edition is a real success. We offer you a small recap of the evening, with some of the best actions!

Results of the 3v3 Contest

First Semi-FinalTeam TP26 - 21Team Mayer
Second Semi-FinalTeam Ragnar12 - 15Team Domingo
Small FinalTeam Ragnar21 - 29Team Mayer
Grand FinalTeam TP29 - 22Team Domingo

Hostilities are launched

This unique evening started with the semi-final between Team TP and Team Mayer. After only 10 seconds of play, Tony Parker sets the tone and attempts a shot, which passes without difficulty. The former NBA professional then offered the first points to his team. Erwan, from Team Mayer, responded directly with a superb three-point basketto allow his team to take the lead.

The match was particularly close, with one action after another, sometimes successful, sometimes not, but the show was there. With one minute left in regulation time, the two teams were neck and neck, 22-21. With a five-point lead, it was finally the team led by TP that won 26-21.

Huge dunk!

In the second semi-final, Team Domingo dominated until the halfway mark, but the second half of the match was much more competitive. Even though the counters were not as high as in the first match, the match was very enjoyable to watch. The atmosphere was once again great, and the spectators had the opportunity to see Etienne CA break through Team Ragnar's defence to score two points in style!

With one minute to go, Ragnar and his teammates were down by just one point. They gave everything they had to win, but their efforts were in vain. Team Domingo won 15-12 in front of more than 90,000 people. The result was a place in the Grand Final, which was already shaping up to be incredible!

Play smart, not hard

Team Mayer and Team Ragnar then battled it out for third place. Between Prime's three-point shots, Mary's baskets and Ragnar's good team play, Team Mayer suffered during the first half of the game.

Trailing 18-14 after just over five minutes of play, Kevin Mayer and his teammates kept their heads up and gradually got back into the game before taking off with the score. Erwan was no stranger to this emerging success. With twelve seconds to go, Kevin Mayer struck the fatal blow by scoring a very nice basket. This is how the team finally came out victorious 29-21. A great comeback!

These monsters...

After an impressive dunk contestIn the first half, Domingo's team and Tony Parker's team took to the court for the Grand Final. The legendary TP opened the scoring after only a few seconds, but Team Domingo quickly took the lead. Domingo even took the opportunity to dribble past TP and score a basket that will go down in the annals of this evening...

Galvanised by their victory and a crazy crowd, the eight players engaged in an intense battle. Unfortunately for the evening's host, Team TP were more effective in the second half, leading 24-14 with a minute to go. In the last forty seconds of the game, Mister MV even set the room alight after an action worthy of the greatest.

Even if Etienne CA also scored a very nice basket at the very end of the gameBut it was not enough to come back to the score. The game ended 29-22 in favour of Tony Parker's team.

At the end of this electric and festive evening, which gathered more than 100,000 viewers on the live stream, the TP Team was crowned Champion of the 3v3 Contest! Although no information has been given about a potential second edition, the popularity of the event may well decide Domingo to repeat the experience.