Best-of of Squeezie's Grand Prix Explorer

Already an iconic event, the first edition of the Explorer Grand Prix ended with the victory of the youtuber Sylvainof the chain Crankshaft. While he won first place in the individual category, it was the Depielo and Valouzzof the stable Oscarowho won the team race. Between the practice phases and the race itself, this Saturday 8th October was marked by many intense moments. We invite you to relive this GP through some clips.

Red flag during the test phase

The test phase allowed the drivers to get to grips with their vehicles and to determine their places on the starting grid. If the first laps were a bit timid, the engines quickly reached higher speeds. Higher speeds mean a greater risk of running off the track. Joycafrom the RhinoShield stable learned this the hard way and ended up in the set. Although it was concluded that he would not be able to take part in the race, the mechanics did a titanic job to get his car back on its wheels and give him a chance to compete. More fear than harm, then.

Domingo's scare

Another content creator had a scare earlier today, namely Domingo. Fortunately, he managed to brake sufficiently, and in time, to avoid disaster...

A superb dodge by Etienne

The morning was not only marked by crashes, quite the contrary. All the riders showed that they deserved this title, likeEtienne_Moustache on this magnificent dodge. Already very good during the qualifications, the sidekick of Amixem finally got third place on the podium.

On the way to the French record on Twitch...

With fifteen minutes to go before the long-awaited start, the number of viewers connected to Squeezie's channel has continued to rise, reaching exceed half a million. The tearful youtuber didn't know it yet, but he was about to break a new record!

The race is on!

Before the start, the 22 drivers were extremely concentrated. At the start, the engines roared. The race, and the battle for first place at the same time, had just begun!

Difficult end of the race for Pierre and Xari

Among the highlights of the race, it was hard to miss the crash between Pierre and Xari. This unfortunate event put an end to their adventure in this Explorer Grand Prix, as it was not possible to repair the cars before the last lap. This accident was all the more significant as it occurred just as the French record was announced on TwitchMore than one million viewers were simultaneously connected to Squeezie's channel.

Sylvain wins the GP Explorer!

Started in second position at the beginning of the race, Sylvain managed to take pole position for a time. A small mistake cost him his place for a time, but, determined to win, he made a superb overtake on Depielo. This risky move paid off, as he regained the lead, a position he held until the end of the fifteenth lap.

A well-deserved trophy

After the trophies of Etienne, third, and Depielo, second, Sylvain received his title from the hands of comedian Jamel Debbouze. This was followed by a champagne shower as is the tradition in this motor sport.

For the moment, Squeezie has not said anything about a future edition. Nevertheless, given the enthusiasm for this first GP Explorer, it would not be impossible for him to decide to do it again. Depielo himself is waiting for this second chance to take the first place.