Best-of of the Eleven All Stars meeting of AmineMaTue

Last October, the streamer AmineMaTue unveiled the Eleven All Stars. With this new and unusual project, he set out to organise a friendly football match between French and Spanish content creators. The meeting took place Saturday 19 November at the Stade Jean-BouinIn front of 20,000 spectators and ever more viewers on Twitch. After ninety minutes of madness, the blues finally won 2-0. We offer you a best-of of the best moments of this incredible evening.

A spectacular pre-show

For this premiere, Amine saw things in a big way... very big indeed! A packed stadium, a plethora of cameras for monitoring and refereeing, a major partner, but also some special guests to liven up the stadium before the match. The 20,000 or so spectators present that evening were treated to a rap concert during which the following artists, among others, performed Gazo and Niska.

The kick-off is approaching

Shortly before the start of the match, Doibgy has of course received Amine on the lawn of the Jean-Bouin stadium, so that he could savour the fruits of his hard work for a few moments. Very moved, he took advantage of this magical moment to thank the public for their support.

Amine was not alone in feeling this emotion. When the eleven players started the Marseillaise, the whole stadium and the thousands of French fans on Twitch were thrilled. This sequence marked the beginning of a match like no other.

A new Twitch record in France

After only a few minutes of play, more than a million viewers were already present simultaneously on Amine's Twitch channel. The game spread throughout France, but also internationally, so much so that it ended up breaking the French record for the number of viewers on the platform. Until then, it was Squeezie and his Grand Prix Explorerwho were in first place. By passing the 1.4 million mark of people connected at the same time, Amine finally took pole position.

A first goal for the French!

Twenty-five minutes after kick-off, the French really went on the offensive for the first time. It all came together very quickly. Alonz tries a first shot, without success, but nothing is finished. He got the ball back and crossed for Sacha. Thanks to a perfect timing, he scores a superb goal with his head and offers a first point to the French team!

What a save by the Spanish keeper!

Shortly afterwards, the Spanish goalkeeper was again under pressure, but this time he managed to save the ball from a tight angle. Hats off to him.

A good attempt to hit

An intense and sometimes physical evening...

With the existing rivalry between the French and Spanish Twitch communities since the PixelWarThe tension on the pitch was felt repeatedly, with provocations and sometimes physical contact.

Zack Nani's daring tackle

An intervention by Papi Gani, which was a little too forceful

Yannou's provocation

France dominates this match

The French took the lead in the seventy-fifth minute thanks to a superb team effort. At the start of the sequence, we find Bouméwho passes the ball to Amine. Amine then makes a superb back-heel to give the ball to Boumé, who passes back to Bruce. The latter did not miss this opportunity to shine and offered a second point to the French.

The 3-0 scoreline was not far off...

At this point in the game, France were already 2-0 up with only a few minutes left to play. The French get a free-kick, and it is Boumé who took the shot. It was a good attempt, but the ball ended up on the left post. No third point for France.

Time to lift the trophy

The evening ended in beauty for the French. Ninety minutes later, they lifted the trophy of this Eleven All Stars. A well-deserved victory, applauded by all.

This France-Spain meeting was only a first. A return match has been announced before the final closing of the evening. There is no information yet about the date or the venue. Will the Spaniards manage to restore their reputation? Only time will tell!