Antoine Daniel will present the Geoguessr Team World Cup on Twitch

The very first Geoguessr World Cup will be held in Paris, 22 October next year. This competition will see a total of 30 teams from several regions of the world. All of them will be looking for a share of the €25,000 cash prize. The evening will be hosted by the iconic youtuber and streamer Antoine Danielaccompanied by some comrades such as MisterMV or Stars.

To follow the event, go to Antoine Daniel's Twitch channel.

What is Geoguessr?

Simply put, Geoguessr is a quiz on the theme of geography. The player is randomly placed on a road, or path, somewhere on Earth, on one of the routes available in Google Street View (Google's virtual map exploration system).

With the help of the clues visible on the screen, such as vegetation, signs, writing and number plates, the player must determine his location on the planet. To help with this task, they can move along the route and zoom in on certain details. When they have made their choice, they place a marker on a world map: the objective is to place the marker as close as possible to the actual position.

Sometimes a video is worth a thousand words, so we let you admire this part of Antoine Daniel.

In Geoguessr competitions, there are several game modes to make the challenge even more complex, such as not being able to move or taking the least amount of time to find several locations.

Tournament formats and modes

For this first edition, the Geoguessr World Championship will be divided into two parts: a group stage and a play-offs (upper and lower bracket).

In the first stage, the 30 teams will be divided into 3 groups. Their deduction skills will be put to the test with 4 different challengesThese challenges are entitled: Countries, Urban, Rural and Speedrun World. To make these challenges even more challenging, players will not always be allowed to move or even zoom in on the area they are playing. Full details are available at the tournament website.

The top five teams in each group, plus the best of the three TOP6 teams, will go directly to the top bracket. All teams eliminated until the semi-finals will have a chance to shine again, by trying to win the third place in the lower bracket.

The rest of the tournament will add other game modes, such as Team Duel or Battle Royale Distance for example. An additional test will appear in the final stages: the two teams will be able to choose their playing field from among five proposed countries.

Also, spectators will have the opportunity to interact with the competitionYou can do this by selecting a country for various challenges, so feel free to drop by on the live stream.

The participating teams

This year, the title of Best Geoguessr Team in the World will be awarded to the best of the 30 teams in the running. Each team consists of three to four players from all over the world: France, Germany, Italy, USA, England, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland and India. At the same time, this is the World Championship!

The Geoguessr Team World Cup teams