Aminematue holds an auction on Twitch

After an unsuccessful attempt, Amine is organising a new Charity auctionThe proceeds will go to the victims of the natural disasters that hit Morocco and Libya in September. Unique objects for celebrities internet, sport and music will be on sale.

In September, Morocco was hit by a magnitude 6.8 earthquake. Shortly afterwards, Libya found itself under water due to torrential raincaused by storm Daniel. The international response to this double tragedy was swift.

Eager to help, too, Aminematue quickly announced a charity live showwhich would take the form of an auction. During the evening, which would be open to all, it would be possible to purchase objects belonging to personalities from the world of streaming, music and sport. The aim is to raise as much money as possible to help victims in Morocco and Libya.

Unfortunately, on the big day, not everything went to plan. The craze surrounding the sale is such that several thousand people are flocking to the streamer's Twitch channel and, in fineon the auction website. A few minutes after a Neon belonging to Squeezie, France's star youtuber, was put up for sale, the plant site. The organisers did their best to find a solution to this unforeseen problem, but to no avail. Amine finally decided postpone the sale and promises an evening worthy of the name, with even more surprises.

A new date for the auction

Although it had been announced that the sale would take place during the week of 25 September, it will in fact take place during the week of 25 September. this Friday 6 October from 8pm. Various guests are expected to appear throughout the evening.

This time, Amine will be accompanied by an auctioneer and the entire sale will take place at the following venues via the interencheres website. Of course, the event will be broadcast live on the official Twitch channel of the streamer.

A total of 14 lots will go on sale with an initial investment of €1. As a reminder, these are unique objects that are very dear to their (ex-)owners. They will be presented in detail on the evening itself, but we already have a glimpse of what will be on offer:

  • Twitch neon belonging to Squeezie
  • A donation from a French rapper
  • A relic in poor condition from an unloved content creator
  • An element of style belonging to a rapper
  • A contribution from a sports team
  • A souvenir of a sports competition by a streamer
  • A gaming memory from the early days of a content creator
  • Musical recognition for a rapper
  • A signed donation from a football fan content creator
  • A distinction from a renowned Belgian singer
  • A motorsport accessory from a content creator
  • A French captain's football shirt
  • A donation from a mysterious rapper
  • An object belonging to a Ligue 1 player

As mentioned above, all the funds will be used to help the victims of the disasters in Morocco and Libya. As a result profits will be donated to SEED CHARITYThe aim is to bring essential kits to families in Libya, organise a day out for Moroccan children and build a well in a poor village hit hard by the earthquake, among other things.