Aminematue launches School RP, a GTA V server with other streamers

Collaborations between content creators are now commonplace, and it is not uncommon to see them regroup on GTA Vto the delight of their community. Recently, Aminematue unveiled a new project entitled School PRA GTA RP server that will bring together twenty or so streamers for crazy adventures on the university benches. Graduation is already shaping up to be fun and eventful...

With a growing fanbase, Aminematue is constantly coming up with new concepts, each one as brilliant and ambitious as the next. Recently, the content creator created a buzz by organising the Eleven All StarsA football match between French and Spanish streamers.

Last week, he once again set the web ablaze by unveiling his new project: the PR School. As a reminder, RP servers, available in GTA V, allow players to play as a specific character, with a personality and characteristics of their own, and interact with others, in a huge setting around a specific theme. In this case, it is the theme of the school who is at the heart of the story. And Amine's return to school is not a solitary one - quite the opposite!

For this hilarious new adventure, he will be with 25 other content creators. The catsing is a dream for the viewers, as Etoiles, Inoxtag, LeBouseuh, MoMaN, Michou or Kameto have answered the call of the ringtone.

As with any GTA RP server, we can expect to follow some wacky and extremely funny stories. The trailer even revealed the presence of of an uncompromising Headmaster and of Crazy TeachersThis will make the experience even more fun. We can't wait to see who will play these special characters! While it will be fun, the goal is to graduate. After all, they will be back in school...

Originally scheduled for Sunday 26 March, the School RP's grand premiere has been moved to this Friday 31 March. When the 8.30 pm bell rings in the corridors, the hostilities will be launched. To follow the adventures of Amine and his friends, the streamers invite you to every Sunday, Monday and Fridayat the same time.

Twitch channel of Aminematue.