Amine organises Royal Football on Twitch

Football fan, Amine has already organised a number of events around the sport, including the Eleven All Star. Today, he unveils the Royal Footballa brand new community concept broadcast on Twitch. May the best win!

Last year, Squeezie organised the GP Explorera unique Formula 4 event. In Spain, the Kings League with Gerard Piqué broke audience records. More recently, Domingo teamed up with Tony Parker for a 100% basketball eveningwhich we still remember. Thanks to the determination of certain content creators, Twitch is no longer just a platform dedicated to video games; sport now has a place of choice.

Aminematue is also behind a number of sporting events on Twitch, such as the Eleven All Star in 2022, or the Zidane against the worldin June this year. And he has no intention of stopping there. He recently unveiled Football Royal, a brand new programme focusing on the ball.

The first edition takes place this Sunday 29 October at 8pm. During the evening, fifty people, including forty subscribers, will be brought together for a sort of battle royal sport. The format couldn't be clearer: it's all about a giant penalty shoot-out with elimination.

If a participant misses, they are automatically eliminated; if they miss, they remain in the game. At the end, only one will remain, and the lucky winner will take home €12,000 in prizesto share with a viewer.

Royal Football is the result of a desire on the part of the content creator to offer more "concepts where you can all take part and win stuff. What's more, you can still try your luck at take part in Sunday's shoot. Please note that you must be over 18 and that it is necessary to travel to the Paris region.

To follow the evening live, go to Amine's Twitch channel.