Amine organizes the Eleven All Stars, a football match between French and Spanish streamers

Recently, Amine unveiled the Eleven All Stars. This major new project, created in collaboration with DjmariioThis is a friendly football match between content creators and streamers from two nations: France and Spain. It will be played in a real stadium, in front of more than 20,000 spectators, on Saturday 19 November. In the manner of the Squeezie's Grand Prix ExplorerThis meeting pushes the limits of Twitch, since it will obviously be broadcast live on Amine's chain.

Large-scale physical events are becoming more and more common on Twitch, like the Formula 4 GP organised by Squeezie a while ago. This time, it's Amine which unveils a live outdoor project, the Eleven All StarsA football match between streammers from France and Spain. Given the name of the event, it is very likely that the match will use the normal 11 vs 11 format.

The Pixel Warwhich took place on Reddit a few months ago, gave rise to a certain rivalry between the Twitch communities and the streamers of these countries. If this football match is meant to be friendly, it will be the occasion for the two nations to face each other again. The Spanish will undoubtedly be looking for revenge after their defeat in the World Cup. their pixelated defeat.

This meeting, scheduled for on 19th November will be held in front of more than 20,000 peopleIn addition to the thousands of people expected to attend on Twitch. The ticketing is not yet open, but tickets should be available for purchase soon.

No information has been released about the stadium that will host this epic match, but it is very likely to bea Parisian stadiumThis is suggested by several elements of the poster: the word Paris and the number 75 in particular.

Amine also said on Twitter that more details would be announced soon. We should therefore know the names of the players in the coming days, but also the content of the pre-show.