Amine unveils the French team of the Eleven All Stars

A few weeks ago, Amine announced a major new project entitled Eleven All Stars. In partnership with DjmarriioHe set himself the challenge of organising a football match between French and Spanish strikers. Coached by Kameto and SaidThe twenty-one French representatives are counting on winning on the Jean Bouin Stadium pitch. This meeting will take place on 19th November in front of 20,000 spectators, in an electric atmosphere.

The Franco-Spanish rivalry dates back to last April, with the Pixel War which took place on Reddit. A numerical war largely won by the tricolors, under the command of Captain Kameto.

The CEO of Karmine Corp will be present again to defend our beautiful country in this friendly fight, as a coach. He is not alone in putting the ranks in order and making the French team the winning team of this match! In this adventure, he is supported by a fine connoisseur of the football world, who is none other than Saïd from the YouTube channel Pieds Carrés.

Kameto and Said will do their best to coach this team of twenty-one streamers and content creators. For this epic encounter, France will be able to count on the talent of :

  • Michou Michou: Youtuber with 7.97 million subscribers, Michou is undoubtedly the representative of the new generation of content creators. Initially known for his gaming videos, he now offers a variety of content, from music videos, to giant dodgeball matches, to vlogs around the world.
  • Stainless steel Inox, whose full name is Inoxtag, has almost 5.7 million subscribers on YouTube. He too is one of the platform's new stars, and first made his name on video games.
  • Billy : On his Twitch channel, Billy is followed by more than 970,000 people. On the platform, he offers both live react and gaming parties. He is one of the co-organisers of the France-Spain match.
  • Amine : Amine made his debut on the web through his Twitter account. At first, he commented on many subjects with humour, such as football, rap or even politics. In 2019, he launched on YouTube, and later on Twitch. With his GTA content, he is gaining popularity, and now has 1.3 million followers. Eager to make more and more impressive projects, he is organising this Eleven All Stars.
  • Domingo : For the past few years, Domingo has been particularly active on Twitch. His account has 1.5 million followers. Initially, he started creating content with gaming videos, but today he is better known for his talk show Popcorn.
  • Djilsi : This Youtuber specialises in vlogs and travel content. Thanks to his videos, his 982,000 subscribers regularly go on adventures, in France and abroad, as far as Lapland.
  • UTPB : Streamer and Youtuber, Pauleta aka PFUT is a football aficionado. He is followed by nearly 650,000 people on Youtube and over 400,000 on Twitch. He also offers lives on Fifa, analyses of professional players and short documentaries on his favourite sport.
  • Carlito : With his duo Mcfly, Carlito has exceeded 7.1 million subscribers on Youtube. The duo is one of the biggest names in humour on the platform, offering clips, blind tests and MarioCard races. A year ago, they even made a video of anecdotes with the president.
  • Uncle : Uncle is a multi-gaming streamer with 430,000 followers. New World, Ghostrunner, Lego Builder's Journey and many other games are available on his Twitch channel. There's something for everyone to enjoy!
  • Alonz He is one of the most experienced players in the French team.
  • Boumé Sama Boumé Sama is mainly active on Youtube. As a football fan, his videos deal with various subjects around sport. You will find ball tests as well as challenges with other sportsmen. He has a very good level and will be an important asset for this team.
  • Bruce Grannec : This Youtuber and streamer has more than 600,000 followers on Youtube and Twitch. A great football and video game fan, he has won the world championship title three times on Fifa and once on PES.
  • The Dung Beetle: He launched on YouTube with the game CallOfDuty, then gained momentum with Clash Royal, before gaining even more popularity with his videos with Team Crouton. As the owner of "Le Local", he is becoming increasingly popular and his YouTube account has reached over 3.9 million subscribers.
  • Brawks : Brawks is both an artist and a full-time streamer. His Youtube channel, dedicated to music, is followed by more than 100,000 people while his Twitch channel has more than 233,000 followers. On live streams, he offers multi-gaming content on Valorant, Fifa and Leagues of Legends.
  • Yannou YannouJr is an artist specialising in music.
  • Bibi : He is the right-hand man of Kameto and Kotei. He acts in the shadows and sometimes live on Kameto's channel.
  • Yass: Yass is particularly active on Twitter, where he is followed by more than 900,000 people. On Twitch, he offers react content, discussions but also frenetic matches on Fifa.
  • Sacha : Sacha is a football fan, who regularly plays Fifa games.
  • Rivenzi : Very active on Twitch, where he has more than 235,000 subscribers, he is also active on Youtube. Passionate, he offers his followers to discover many games, but also vlogs and sports analysis. During the last ZEvent, he impressed the audience during wrestling matches!
  • Arsène : Better known under the nickname AF5, Arsène is a Youtuber specialising in Fifa. If you are looking for the best compositions to win your games, look no further!
  • Zack Nani : Zack is both a streamer and a youtuber. He is followed by more than 100,000 and 400,000 people on these two platforms. A big football fan, he offers live match analysis, as well as exciting games on Fifa. His Youtube content also revolves around this sport, with analyses of players and teams, notably OL.

For the moment we know that the Spanish team will be coached by the Ibai StreamerWe do not have any information about the players yet. The selection should be revealed in the coming days.

Ticketing is now open. If you want to enjoy the show live, hurry up, category 1 tickets have already been sold out! You can also watch this legendary match live on Amine's Twitch channel, from 20h30.