Alexclick unveils 21Voix Road to Bataclan

Recently, Alexclick presented its new project Twitchchristened 21Voix Road to Bataclan. This is a competition open to all. independent artistswho would like to share their musical project. Combining virtual and physical stages, this promises to be a very interesting project.

The key points of 21Voix Road to Bataclan :

  • Competition aimed at independent musical artists,
  • 21 selected from all the entries,
  • 5 live battles in GTA to determine the 5 finalists,
  • Final at Le Bataclan, 16 May 2024, with a live audience,
  • Show broadcast on Alexclick's Twitch channel

Initially YouTubeurAlexclick was born and raised in the UK, then became a columnist for various WebTVs, before moving into streaming. The content creator gradually gained in popularity with Minecraft, before exploding thanks to GTA and more specifically the RP. In 2020, he set up his own server, 21jumpclickand the following year he took part in the adventure GTA RPZ proposed by ZeratoR. His character, named Miguel RodriguezHe was quickly noticed and propelled to the forefront of the music scene. He now has more than 176,700 followers on Twitch and offers daily lives on the Rockstar title.

In light of the many concerts put on by the GTA RP server community over the last three years, the company has decided to take things one step further with a brand new concert. new music projectwhich is entitled 21Voix Road to Bataclan. More than just a competition for independent artists, it's a musical springboard for all those who want to showcase their work. You can already register at the project site if you would like to take part.

The concept couldn't be simpler. The organisers will select 21 talents of all those registered, who then, will compete in auditions directly in GTA. Each session will feature 4 or 5 artists in competition, and viewers will be invited to choose the talent they prefer. In all, there will be five battles (the first will take place on 14 December, and the following ones on 18 January, 15 February, 14 March and 18 April). Only the five most popular profiles will advance to the next stage.

The Final is none other than a live concert on the Bataclan stagescheduled for 16 May 2024. Once again, it will be the people in the audience and in the chat room who will have the last word, and who will designate the big winner of 21Voix. Tickets for the show will open at 11am on Thursday 23 November.