ZeratoR's ZEvent 2022 album unveils its tracklist

To mark the fête de la musique, ZeratoR revealed all the tracklist of his album entitled 900K. The content creator has not decided to change careers; this album is simply the fulfilment of one of his commitments. of ZEvent 2022. While we already know the titles of the various tracks, we will need to be more specific. wait until mid-July and you'll be thrilled to hear the voice of the streamer and his fellow singers!

900K, the long-awaited album

A change of scenery, scaring guest content creators or planting a forest - that's all there is to it. some of ZeratoR's donation goals at the 2022 ZEvent. There is another commitment that everyone has been waiting for, and which is finally coming to fruition: the album by ZeratoR.

In reality, this album was originally planned two years earliersince the amount associated with the ZEvent 2020 challenge "I'm making a music album too".had been achieved. After an initial postponementHe reappeared on the list of the streamer's donation goals for 2021, and once again the viewers managed to exceed the amount set. Much to the dismay of ZeratoR fans, this pledge was the subject of a a new carry forward... but rest assured, the wait is well and truly over!

During the last edition of the charity marathon, ZeratoR raised just over the 900 717€ requested for the bearing which stipulated "Album before summer 2023, or I'm deleting my YouTube channel".. We can imagine that after three years, the streamer wanted to keep his commitment at all costs. So his channel will remain online for the Fête de la Musique, he ended the suspense and unveiled 900K, the long-awaited album.

ZeratoR's album tracklist

In all, the album features no fewer than 13 titles. If it seems that the majority of sounds are solitary productions, three were recorded with other personalitiesAntoine Daniel, BigFlo and Baghera Jones. You can find the full tracklist below:

  • Copyright : Moi
  • Anonymous
  • Imagine
  • Yes
  • Katoum
  • Slow motion
  • The Void - Feat. Antoine Daniel
  • Librestyle - Feat. BigFlo
  • C.D.F (Could it be a Chanson de Fou?)
  • Lyrics
  • Overtime
  • I Say - Feat. Baghera Jones
  • Decades

As he indicated in his Tweet, the album is still in the mixing phase. Since this stage requires a little time, 900K will not be available on all platforms until mid-July.