Breakdown of the Ascension cashprize on Trackmania

During the various stages of the the Ascensionplayers who have qualified for the tournament can look forward to picking up the trophy. part of the overall cash prize. In this article, you will find all the information you need to finance these gains, as well as distribution of amounts between the three competitions on the circuit.

Cashprize financing

Winnings in competitions organised by ZeratoR are commonplace, and Ascension is no exception. However, for this event, the content creator has decided to review the way in which the cashprize is funded.

This time, it is the viewers who determine the total amount, since the cashprize is participatory. Throughout the period from 14 May to 28 June, every subscription to the ZeratoR raised the jackpot by two euros.

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The players have a lot to celebrate, the final cash prize reached 128,000 eurosThis is a record amount for one of the streamer's tournaments. Of course, this sum is not intended for a single person, nor is it intended to be distributed all at once. On the contrary, it is spread over the three stages and shared between some of the participants.

The total cash prize for Ascension on Trackmania is 128,000 euros.

What gain for what space?

When ZeratoR unveiled the Ascension projectHe said that the cashprize would be divided up as follows: the first two stages each pay out 15% of the amount, while the remaining 70% are reserved for the final tournament. Given that the overall prize pool is €128,000, the breakdown of the winnings is as follows:

  • Stages 1 and 2 - two times 15%, i.e. 19,200 euros each,
  • Step 3 - 70%, or 89,600 euros.

Not all players get the same amount It depends on their performance. What's more, during the first two tournaments, the eight finalists are actually rewarded, but at the final stage, only the top three players receive a prize. The aim is to offer to the winner of this final stage a reward "able to change his life. This year, the lucky winner will walk away with the princely sum of 62,720 euros.

You can find all the information about the winnings obtained by each player, at the different stages, on the infographic below. Note that in stages 1 and 2, those who didn't qualify for the Final go home empty-handed.

Breakdown of winnings for the three stages of Trackmania Ascension