What changes for the 2022 season?

The next competitive season is about to start and it brings its own set of changes. The objective is clear: to return to a simpler format and which rewards players' performance over the long term. These changes should delight the community and pro players who did not necessarily all like the last format, like CarlJ.

A simplified format for the competition

The 2021 Trackmania season came to an end at the Trackmania Grand League Final - Autonme 2021, won by Thomas Cole aka PAC. With this last tournament and the start of the new season, Nadeo decided to revise the overall format of the competition.

Intense 1v1v1v1 matches

The multipliers and point losses disappear. All Trackmania Grand League matches will now be clashes 1v1v1v1 in real time. Each match consists of only one circuit (about 1mn, start-finish type, without extra rounds). Players will compete on a new circuit for each game. The victory goes to the first of the 4 players who wins 3 rounds.

Regular season - Typical week

The regular season was shortened to 6 weeks instead of 8. It will be preceded by a placement phase, which will determine the groups for the first match of the first 4 weeks. One week is built around 5 circuits and is divided into two parts: each player performs 2 placement matches and 3 Up&Down matches. For each circuit, the 16 participants are divided into 4 matches of 1v1v1v1.

  • Placement matches

Circuit 1: The 2 best drivers of each match (1 to 4) form the TOP8, which will play matches 5 and 6. The other 2 from each match form the BOTTOM8, which will play matches 7 and 8.
Circuit 2: At the end of this second circuit, the placement is complete. The TOP2 of matches 5 and 6 form TOP4, BOTTOM2 forms TOP5-8. The TOP2 of matches 7 and 8 form the TOP9-12, the BOTTOM2 forms the TOP13-16.

  • Up&Down matches

At the end of each of the following matches, the TOP2 moves up to the next level (or stays there for the Champion), while the BOTTOM2 falls to the next level (or stays there for the Bronze).

Circuit 3: TOP4 plays at Champion level, TOP5-8 at Gold level, TOP9-12 at Silver and TOP13-16 at Bronze.
Circuit 4: Same operation.
Circuit 5: Last game of the week.

Each week will allow a weekly rank to be assigned to the 16 participants and distribute medals accordingly (from Bronze to Champion). At the end of the 6 weeks of competition, the top 8 players will advance to the playoffs.

Trackmania Grand League - Spring - Key dates

If you want to follow the Trackmania Grand League - Spring 2022, here is the schedule for the different phases:

  • Placement phase: Sunday 20 February
  • Week 1 of the Championship: Sunday 6 March
  • Week 2 of the Championship: Sunday 13 March
  • Week 3 of the Championship: Sunday 20 March
  • Week 4 of the Championship: Sunday 27 March
  • Week 5 of the Championship: Sunday 3 April
  • Week 6 of the Championship: Sunday 10 April
  • The Final Chance: Sunday 17 April
  • The Final: Sunday 24 April

The Final Chance will no longer be accessible only to TOP9-12 of the regular season. Previously it was open to the TOP9-16. It will be played in a single elimination bracket format. The winner will advance to the Final.

What are the other changes?

With the arrival of a new format for the regular season, changes have been made to the other competitions.

Regarding qualification for the World Cup

In addition to CarlJr (World Champion 2021), Pac and Affi (finalists of the Trackmania Grand League Autumn 2021) who are automatically qualified, 5 other places will be awarded to :

  • The TOP2 of the Trackmania Grand League Final - Spring 2022
  • Trackmania Grand League Regular Season TOP3 - Spring 2022

Note: The 3 pre-qualified players are excluded from this TOP2 and TOP3.

For the TMGL Challenger and Open

With the success of the first edition, the TMGL Challenger is coming back. It will now operate on the same format as the Trackmania Grand League and according to the same schedule. The Final will be played with the TOP4 of the regular season only and not the TOP8. The winner will replace the last player of the Trackmania Grand League regular season in the next season. The players in 2nd, 3rd and 4th place will participate in a promotion tournament.

The TMGL Open is also moving to this new format of matches. It will be divided into 4 Qualifiers, which will allow the TOP4 of each Qualifier to join the TMGL Open - Final. Each Qualifier will consist of 2 phases: a Time-Attack qualification phase followed by a knockout bracket phase. The TOP4 (not just TOP3) of the Final will replace the BOTTOM4 of the TMGL Challenger regular seasonfor the following season. Finally, the players in 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th place will participate in a promotion tournament.

If you want to get a taste of this new format, come to the Trackmania Grand League Inivitation Event on 29 and 30 January! Find more information on theall changes in the rulebook.