The Trackmania World Cup will take place at the Stade de France

The Trackmania Grand League brings together the best players in the world throughout the year, a year that ends with a major tournament: the World Cup. For this new edition, the finals will take place at the Stade de France in Paris.

The final tournament of the year

Every professional gamer dreams of lifting the Trackmania World Cup trophy. One of them will have the chance to take the first place and his cup, on 3 July at the Stade de France. The players will not be alone, as the semi-finals and the Grand Final will be played on stage, in front of more than 300 supporters.

Launch Trailer

The official circuits

With the international aspect of the competition, Nadeo has chosen to make the players, and the public, travel through 10 circuits. Each circuit is associated with a city, and the decoration is obviously there to immerse us in different cultures.

Here is the list of World Cup maps:

  • Slalom - Paris
  • QuickSand - Sidney
  • TinyGap - Tokyo
  • Heart - Berlin
  • Poolside - Prague
  • Boltholes - Warsaw
  • Red Landing - New York City
  • New School - Rio de Janeiro
  • Forest Climbing - London
  • Bobzag - Toronto

For a video presentation of the different tours, go to the YouTube channel of the Cup.

Players qualified for the playoffs

In total, 16 of the world's best riders will be competing for the World Champion title. Among them are a number of well-known faces such as CarlJr and Bren or Gwen and Affiwho recently won the Trackmania 2022.

Of the 16 players, 8 had qualified through their performances in the Trackmania Grand League or via first place in the 2021 World Cup. They are CarlJr, Bren, Affi, Gwen, Pac, Mudda, Aurel and Massa. The remaining 8 slots were contested last weekend during a qualification phase. At the end of these two intense days, Binkss, GranaDy, Kappa, mime, MiQuatro, Otaaaq, Papou and tween got their ticket to the finals.

While the vast majority of these players have already participated in a World Cup in the past, this is the first time that GranaDy, known for playing with a steering wheel, but also mime and Otaaaq have joined this prestigious competition.

Trackmania - Players qualified for the World Cup

The competition format

The playoffs, as well as the semi-finals and the Grand Final, will be played according to the the format of the GLRTnamely 1v1v1v1 matches. Points are distributed according to the place in the match: from 4 for the first place to 1 for the last.

The play-offs will consist of 8 rounds, spread over the days of Friday 1 and Saturday 2 July. During this phase, the best 8, who will obtain 120 points first, will move on to the next. In semi-finalThe 4 best performing players, who reach 140 points in first place, will advance to the Grand Final. The Grand Final will follow the same points rule.

If you wish to attend the finals of the competition and be one of the lucky spectators, tickets are still on sale at the official website of the Stade de France.