Teams to watch for the Trackmania Cup 2022

For this new edition, the Trackmania Cup 2022 to be held at Bercy. In a stream, ZeratoR explained that the competition would be played in pairs. Following this announcement, many teams were formed. With the qualification phase fast approaching on 14 and 15 May, most of the duos have started intense training on the official circuits. The vast majority of the duos are trying out the maps during Twitch lives; if you want to discover their performances, here is a selection of the teams to follow for the Trackmania Cup 2022.

The pro players' duos

Among all the duos that have formed and continue to reveal themselves, some are favourites. As in every edition of the Trackmania Cup, several teams of professional gamers enter the competition. They are all more than motivated to win the trophy.

Bren & CarlJr

Regulars of the ZeratoR competition, CarlJr and Bren are former teammates who both played for Solary. Today, Bren is defending the colours of the KCORP. Nevertheless, for a new Trackmania Cup, the two players are joining forces and putting their title, obtained as a duo during the Trackmania Cup 2019, back on the line. Given their multiple victories in official competitions, these two friends will give the other teams a hard time! With 5 victories in 5 different Trackmania Cups (Cup 2 and 3, 2017, 2018 and 2019), CarlJr is one of the big favourites for this 10th edition.

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Gwen & Affi

This second duo is also made up of excellent drivers. This alliance GameWard x BDS promises a great show. Gwen and Affi both play in the Trackmania League. As a proof of their talent, we can quote for example the 2022 Mid-Season Event in which Gwen finished second and Affi first. Although the Trackmania Cup maps are quite different from those of the League, these two players train like experts. Indeed, Affi has already participated in the tournament in the past and Gwen has won the trophy in the last three editions.

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Kappa & Tween

If they played together for Team Sampi in 2019, today Kappa evolves at Sinners Esports and Tween at Orks Numelos. During their career, they both participated in a previous edition of the Trackmania Cup, without getting their hands on the title of Champion. Kappa and Tween are, nevertheless, among the best Trackmania players. Kappa won the Trackmania World Championship 2018 and finished 3rd in the Trackmania Grand League World Cup 2020-2021, while Tween finished second in the ESWC 2011, 2012 and 2014 and the Trackmania World Championship 2018. This year, they are playing for first place in the Trackmania Cup 2022.

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Aurel & Papou

This is a further alliance with Aurel and Papou. Both professional players, they play respectively for Private Gaming and Gamers Origin. Excellent drivers, they are regulars at the ZeratoR event. They have participated in several editions in the past, including the Trackmania Cup 2018 and 2019. In the latter, Aurel came very close to the trophy by winning second place. Papou came in 3/4th place. In trio with Gwen, they excelled in the 2021 tournament and came out on top. This tenth edition offers them the opportunity to repeat their feat, but this time, by facing their former teammate.

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The second alliance KCORP x Solary

While their respective players are teaming up to form a strong duo, the CEOs of KCORP and Solary have also started training for the qualifiers. If they don't start with the ambition to win the tournament, Kameto and Le Roi Bisou (The Kissing King) are determined to become the best streamer duo of this 2022 edition.

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The streamer teams

Despite the presence of professional players, the streamer teams are not discouraged, on the contrary. Since the circuits are rather accessible to all levels, solid training can make the difference during the qualifications. Some play solo, others find experienced coaches. With these teams in the running, the qualifiers promise to be fun and intense!

Kenny & Stars

The ZLAN is barely over whenStars and Kenny are already training for the next ZeratoR event. While they have no real ambition for the trophy, the two streamers aim to entertain you during their training sessions. Coached by Wingobear and highly motivated, but they could still spring a surprise in the qualifiers!

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WingoBear & Taak

Both are multi-gaming streamers, WingoBear and Taak are particularly fond of Trackmania. WingoBear has participated in several stages of the Open Grand League Winter 2020. Competitors at heart, they have each participated in the ZLAN. Wingobear won the 2019 edition, while Taak reached the final of the 2022 edition. Taak never made it to the TMCUP, but Wingobear did, having tried for the trophy twice in 2018 and 2019. Eager to join the Bercy stage and win, this duo offers you intensive live sessions on the ZeratoR tracks.

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Bichard & Deujna

It's a rather unlikely pairing, but one worth watching closely! Recently, Deujnaa content creator, participated in the Grand Prix Explorer, an F4 race organised by Squeezie. Following this experience, she may have discovered a passion for racing. Is this the start of a new career as a pro Trackmania player? Suspense! Her teammate, BichardHe is also a content creator and a fan of competitions. At the ZLAN 2022, he even reached the quarter-finals, alongside Fatou and Dragow.

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Crocodyle & Wakz

With this duo, it is another Solary head who is entering the competition. For those who do not know him, Wakz is none other than one of the co-founders of Solary. When you say duo, you say second player. A League of Legends fan, Wakz will play alongside another LoL player: Crocodyle. Now a full-time streamer, he was a professional League Of Legends player with Sardoche at Arma Team. Training has begun for these two gaming giants. You can follow their progress on their respective social networks.

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Slippers & Hexakil

After an unsuccessful attempt at a previous Trackmania Cup the trio Slippers, Hexakil and Ascuns returns for this new edition, but without Ascuns. This duo is more than determined to get their place in the final show that will take place in Bercy. The two players offer regular training sessions on their Twitch channels.

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