The duos qualified for the Trackmania Cup 2022

The Trackmania Cup 2022 will take place on June 4th in Bercy. For this tenth edition, it is the pair format that has been privileged. Last weekend, during the qualifications, all the registered pairs fought for their place among the 8 qualifiers.

The 8 qualified pairs

The qualifying round took place on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15. In total, 2184 playerss, divided into 1092 duets were registered for this selection phase. At the end of the first 6 rounds, only 32 teams were left. These survivors from the first day competed against each other on Sunday afternoon to determine who would go on to the final round in Bercy. In the end, the 8 qualified pairs are :

  • CarlJr and Bren
  • Binkss and Worker
  • Wosile and Otaaaq
  • Snow and Glast
  • Hugo220 and Tricky
  • Tjalic and SkandeaR
  • Gwen and Affi
  • Acid and Yannex

You can find all the information on the different rounds of the qualifications via this document.

The current ranking

Even though they did not qualify for the Grand Final, all the duets gave their best in the qualifications. Hats off and a special ovation for the TOP17-32 and TOP9-16. The rest of the ranking will depend on the results of the qualified pairs in the final show.

Trackmania Cup 2022 ranking : TOP32

Great play during the qualifiers!

But where did it come from?

It was a close call!

Driving on ice is easy.

What a fight!

Does it lag a bit?

Talented drivers

Efficient and clean

The challenges of the Trackmania Cup 2022

During the Trackmania Cup finals, ZeratoR always offers players to spice up the games with challenges. In the past, we have seen drivers finish circuits with the screen upside down, or finish a circuit with a dance mat!

This year again, 3 challenges have been announced to create a show worthy of the edition! The 8 qualified duos will have to face the :

  • Challenge 1 - Destabilization Players will have an unusual device imposed on them. This challenge is for the semi-finals only.
  • Challenge 2 - Secret map The drivers will compete on an undisclosed circuit. They will have 1 minute to practice.
  • Challenge 3 - Remote control cars The players will compete on a physical circuit, set up just before the Final.

All the technicality of driving on Trackmania will not be enough to crown the winners. With these additional challengers, the show promises to be incredible!

If you had already purchased your tickets For the postponed editions, please note that they are still valid. We look forward to seeing you on June 4th for the show, and to discover the winning duo of this Trackmania Cup 2022.