Date of the Trackmania Grand League Spring 2022 Final

After several weeks of competition, 9 players have qualified for the Trackmania Grand League. The latter will take place this weekend, Sunday 24 April. The tournament will start at 5pm French time.

For this first edition of the TMGL 2022, a new format was introduced at the beginning of the year. During 6 weeks, players competed for medals of different ranks. Depending on their performance, they could either go straight to the Grand Final or to the Final Chance.

With the victory of Massa During the Final Chance, all slots for the final stage of the TMLG Spring 2022 have been secured. The remaining 8 players who have qualified for the Final Chance are Mudda, CarlJr, Bren, Mime, Affi, Aurel, Pac and Kappa.

To follow the competition, go to Trackmania's Twitch channel.