Measure yourself against the Spring 2022 campaign

With the announcement of the Trackmania Cup 2022, some of you may want to train for the qualifiers or simply discover the game. Whether you have one or the other goal, the Spring 2022 campaign is a perfect way to do so.

Already available for almost two weeks, the Spring 2022 Campaign is under the sign of the cherry trees. It invites you to drive through green and colourful scenery. But winter and powder have not disappeared completely! Slopes, camera changes, tight turns, thrusters and much more, there's plenty of fun to be had.

Example of a circuit of the 2022 Spring Campaign. The vegetation is very present!
Ice cream has not disappeared from this Spring 2022 campaign.
Cherry trees are present on the majority of the circuits.
Jump into the void in a circuit in the countryside.

As usual, this campaign includes 25 routes of increasing difficulty. If you have discovered the game with the announcement of ZeratoR, you should focus on the white and green tracks first. They are more accessible to beginners. You could also head for the training campaign, which will offer you different levels to better understand Trackmania's physics and soil types.

In case you are a veteran player, you still have 78 days to go to collect all the Height medals and reach the top of the ranking. If you are looking to train for the Trackmania Cup qualifiers, and if you haven't already done so, it may be worth completing this campaign. The tracks are varied and require you to work on your driving on all types of ground, even the ice. This is an essential skill, since several of the Trackmania Cup 2022 maps include a portion on ice.

Example of a map from ZeratoR that includes ice.
This section of ice is particularly long on the Z/Place map.

If your aim is not only to participate in the qualifications but also to to be among the top 8 who will participate in the finalIf you want to train on the official circuits, you must do so.
You can test your reflexes on circuits created by ZeratoR if you have a Standard or Club version of Trackmania. However, if you only have a Starter level of the game, you will not have access to it.

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