The eight teams of the Trackmania Grand League 2023 have been revealed

The Trackmania 2022 competitive season concluded with CarlJr's victory. In 2023, the eight teams involved in the Trackmania Grand League will compete with the brand new format. Some of the selected structures have been present for years, such asAlliance which will celebrate its tenth anniversary of membership, while Gamers Firstis making its first appearance.

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The participating teams

In total, eight teams have been selected to participate in the next season of the Trackmania Grand League. This year, the teams will be composed of three members 2 professional players and 1 streamer.

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Team BDS
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Karmine Corp
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Sinners Esport
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Into The Breach
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Gamers First
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Big Esport

Some structures, such asAlliance or SolaryThey are well known on the Trackmania scene. The latter has been present in the competition since the beginnings of Esport on the game of Nadeo. Home of the best player in the world, CarlJrShe has shone on many occasions, both in ZeratoR's Trackmania Cup and in official tournaments.

Other organisations are more recent. This is the case of Sinners Esportwhich joined the scene last March, or the Into The Breachwhich made its debut in May. Gamers Firstis making its first appearance at the highest level on Trackmania.

Although we do not yet know all the players who will make up the different teams, we already have some clues. For example, Bren will once again defend the colours of the Blue Wall at Karmine Corp. The former Alliance player, Spamis transferred to another position, and will now be in charge of the team as a Manager. Similarly, it is likely that CarlJr remains within its structure.

The other players will be announced in the coming weeks, as the mercato phase will end on 16 December.