Gwen and Affi win the Trackmania Cup 2022

After an intense qualification phase, 8 duets came to Bercy on Saturday 4 June 2022 to try to win the Trackmania Cup 2022, the 10th edition of the famous ZeratoR show. At the end of a completely crazy evening, Gwen and Affi have taken the title!

Intense semi-finals!

In the first semi-final of this TMCUP 2022, the players were determined to show their talent. They all fought hard to win points at all costs. They put on a show worthy of the name, revealing well-honed strategies, as did Yannex for example.

The second semi-final was the stage for the big favourites to battle it out However, all the drivers on stage were determined to make it to the final. With the controller, the keyboard and even the joystick, they passed the checkpoints with ease. It was without a doubt one of the best Trackmania Cup matches we've seen in years, as almost all the players reached the Finalist status.

At the end of this second semi-final, the four finalist duos are now known: Snow and Glast / Acid and Yannex of the first semi-final, and Gwen and Affi / Otaaaq and Wosilefrom the second.

The winning duo

During the Final, the races are held, the players compete with remote-controlled cars, and then the virtual races start again. Gwen and Affi quickly take the lead. Even on the secret circuit, the duo is a hit. They both easily obtain the 150 points required for Finalist status, having double the points of some of their opponents.

But when you say Final, you say determination. Once again, all the drivers played each circuit to the end, catching up little by little and getting dangerously close to the leading players.

On the last race of the evening, the atmosphere was electric, the room was boiling. Gwen only needed one last victory, while her duo, Affi, already had their winning status. Thanks to extreme precision and perfect driving, Gwen reached the finishing hoop before her competitors. It's done. The hall explodes! Affi and Gwen win this TMCUP 2022.

On this new edition, Gwen a feat, as he is the only driver to have won the Trackmania Cup in solo, duo and trio ! This young player has a future in the competition, when we think that two days before Bercy, he was taking the BAC exams!

The final ranking

Whether or not they made it to the Grand Final in Bercy, all the players in this TOP 32 are exceptional players. They gave it their all, and gave us an intense show throughout this Trackmania Cup 2022. Congratulations again to them for their performance!

Final ranking of the TMCUP 2022

An incredible atmosphere at Bercy

We have stars in our eyes!

When play becomes reality

Only ZeratoR can create this atmosphere.

Did you ask for a wave at Bercy, for Trackmania?


As announced by ZeratoR at the end of the show, the Trackmania Cup must now be renewed. We can't wait to see what format the next edition of the competition will take place under!