All dates and times of the Trackmania Cup 2022

A few weeks ago, ZeratoR has announced the Trackmania Cup 2022. Mapping, registration, qualifications, show, here are all the dates to remember concerning this tournament.

Mapping dates

The mapping period started on 11 April and is still expanding until 8 May. To follow the mapping, go to ZeratoR's Twitch channel.

Please refer to our guide to find the Trackmania Cup tracks.

Dates of registration for the qualifications

The first stage of the competition is the qualification phase. To participate, you must register, in duet only. Registration will take place 6 May, 8pm to 12 May, 11pm.

You can find more information at our article on the registration for the qualifications.

Qualification dates

If you have registered, you will be able to participate in the qualifications. They will be played entirely online the weekend of 14 and 15 May. The brackets will be available on Saturday at 2pm, via the Competition Discord.

  • Saturday 14 May: Starts at 4pm - Estimated finish around 11pm.
  • Sunday 15 May: Starts at 6pm - Estimated finish around 11pm.

Date of the final competition

The final stage of the Trackmania Cup will bring together the 8 best duos on the Bercy stage. This stage will take place Saturday 4 June. The venue will open at about 3.30 pm. The show should start around 6pm.