Affi wins the TMGL mid-season event

On January 29th and 30th, the Trackmania Grand League's mid-season event took place, during which the big names of the Trackmania competitive scene faced off. This tournament was an opportunity to discover live the new format of the TMGL. By reaching twice the TOP 2, he is the Swiss player, Affi, who wins at the end of this weekend of competition.

Intense matches

As a reminder, the new Trackmania Grand League format completely changes the structure of the competition. It involves 1v1v1v1 meetingsThis will be done with 5 matches per week, over 6 consecutive weeks.

After qualifying phases to determine the 16 competitors, the 2 Main Events took place in 5 matches, as foreseen in this future format: 2 placement matches and 3 Up & Down matches.

During the first Main Event, CAPwinner of the Trackmania Grand League - AutumnHe is the winner. He is followed by the BDS player AffiThe second finalist of the Autumn tournament. As per the new format, this TOP 2 received a "Champion" medal. Affi repeated the feat during the second Main Event finishing first ahead of the French Gwen. With these two victories, he won the mid-season event.

The new Trackmania Grand League season is fast approaching; the placement phase to determine the 16 competing drivers is expected to take place on Sunday 20 February.

New maps for the regular season

The Nadeo studio also took advantage of the weekend to reveal the 9 new tours on which players will compete during the Spring regular season: QuickSand, IcyJump, TightRope, WaterGlider, GrassLine, Touchdown, Clock Tower, Speed Up, TinyGap.

Some maps will be present from the first week of the competition, while others will only be included in the map pool from the second or third week.


If you have at least Standard accessYou can already train on these different circuits. All the maps are available in the Grand League club.

Moreover, if you want to improve your Trackmania skills, you can consult our various guides to become a master of drifting or driving on ice!