The qualifiers for stage 2 of Ascension 2023 on Trackmania

The second stage of Trackmania Ascension approach. At the end of an intense weekend of qualifying.., sixteen talented drivers have qualified for the final phase, which will be held at the Zénith in Lille. Some have already taken part in phase 1, while others will be taking their first steps on stage. Either way, they'll be fighting to the bitter end. to reach phase 3 of Montpellier. Meet all the participants.

The 16 qualifiers for Ascension at the Zénith in Lille

Out of the 607 registrantsOnly the sixteen best-performing drivers were awarded a slot for the Zénith in Lille.

The 16 players qualified for stage 2 of the Trackmania Ascension in Lille
  • CarlJr: Canadian player for Solary
    Two-time Trackmania world champion and five-time TM Cup winner. After crashing out of the final in phase 1, he's back full of determination for this new stage.
  • Richie1308: French player for Team DNF
    He won the French Game World Tour in 2022 and came 4th in the 95 King of Fields 2023.
  • Snow.BS : French player for BS+COMPETITION
    He finished second in the Trackmania Cup 2021 solo and second in the 2022 edition at Bercy in a duo with Glast.
  • Cocow_ : French player for IziDream
    Winner of the Trackmania Mixed tournament at Gamers Assembly 2022 and 3/4th in the Cupra Cup
  • Izi_Workeroo : French player for IziDream
    As well as shining on RPG maps, he finished 5/8th in the TMCup 2022 in a duo with Binkss.
  • TM.Heav : French player for Glorious Esport
    In the past, he has made his name on RPG maps. Once again qualified for the stage show, he will be giving his all to secure his place in Montpellier.
  • Granady : German player for BIG
    He finished 5th in the World Championship. He distinguished himself by playing with a steering wheel. Like CarlJr and Heav, he's back to try his luck after failing in phase 1.
  • Dionysos.TM : French player for Team Rex
    He finished 7/8th in the 95 King of Fields 2023.
  • SAM_TM : French player for Utopie Esport
    He finished second in the French Game World Tour.
  • Legu18 : French player for Team BPP
    He finished 3rd in the TM Cup 2021 and took part in stage 1 of the tournament. Having reached the semi-finals, there's no doubt that he won't be passing up this second chance to reach Montpellier.
  • XerarTM : French player for Ici Japon Corp. Esport
    He came fourth in the Trackmania Formula League: Season 5: Division 1.
  • Mime.CUT : Polish player for Into The Breach
    He won the Trackmania x Comic Con Baltics 2022 and the Trackmania World Tour 2023 Showdown. He also finished second in the 2022 World Cup.
  • AffiTM : Swiss player for BDS Esport
    Winner of the TM Cup 2022 with Gwen and 5th in the World Championship. He took part in the first stage of the Ascension and is coming back even more determined for this second phase.
  • Sinners.Kappa : Czech player for Sinners Esports
    Winner of the 2018 World Championship and the Trackmania Grand League Beta Season.
  • AR_Mudda : Australian player for Alliance
    In 2022, he won the Trackmania Grand League Spring and came third in the World Cup. This year, he won the TM World Tour - Stage 2 - Grand League.
  • Massa.4PF : German player for BIG
    Fourth in the Twitch Rivals - Trackmania Showdown in 2020 and second in the TM World Tour - Stage 2 - Grand League.

These competitors will battle it out on 16 September at the Zénith in Lille for a place in the final stage of the Ascension, which will take place in Montpellier. As in phase 1, the competition will be broadcast live on ZeratoR's Twitch channel.