The qualifiers for stage 3 of Ascension 2023 on Trackmania

Stage 3 of Ascension on Trackmania will take place at the Sud de France Arena in Montpellier, on 28 October. This third part of the tournament brings together the eight best-performing drivers from the previous two stages. The stakes are high. It's no longer a question of qualification, this time they will be competing to win the €62,720 cashprize dedicated to the overall winner.

Players qualified via stage 1 - Lyon Studio

The Ascension tournament on Trackmania began last June. Due to bad weather, which forced the Casino de Paris to close completely, the first stage finally took place. at the Pole Pixel near Lyon. During the show, 16 drivers - The best of the 989 qualifiers competed on circuits designed by Étoiles and ZeratoR.

At the end of an electric and particularly tight final, Tjalic emerged victoriousThe BS+COMPETITION player won €5,760 and a place in stage 3 in Montpellier. The BS+COMPETITION player is obviously not the only one to qualify for the final phase of the tournament, as the seven other finalists have secured their slots for the Sud de France Arena.

Visit the list of players qualified via the first stage:

  • Binkss - Gamers First
  • Wosile - ALTERNATE aTTaX
  • Gwen - Gamers First
  • Arthaniir - Ici Japon Corp. Esport
  • Bren - Karmine Corp
  • Otaaaq - Karmine Corp
Ascension Trackmania: first stage rankings

Players qualified via stage 2 - Zénith de Lille

After a new mapping phaseMany drivers tried to qualify for the second stage of the Ascension, which was held at the Zénith in Lille. Of the 607 entrants to the qualifiers, only the 16 best were lucky enough to take part in the show in Lille.

Once again, the competition raged until the final moments. Hands on the wheel, literally, GranaDy wins over Affi. In doing so, he pocketed €5,760. As before, all the finalists advance to the third and final stage of the tournament.

Visit the list of players qualified via the second stage:

  • GranaDy - BIG
  • Affi - Into The Breach
  • Massa - BIG
  • Richie - DNF Esport
  • mime - Into The Breach
  • CarlJr. - Solary
  • Cocow - IziDream
  • Heav - Glorious Esport
Final standings for stage 2 of the Trackmania Ascension.

As a reminder, the entire competition will be broadcast live on ZeratoR's Twitch channel. At the moment, there are still tickets available to attend the tournament at the Sud de France Arena. If you would like to buy a ticket, visit