Dates for Phase 2 of the Trackmania Ascension in Lille

After an eventful Phase 1 that saw Tjalic's victorycompetition gets ready to resume in a month's time with Phase 2 of the Trackmania Ascension. New circuits, new tournament. For those who didn't finish in the top 8 in the first stage, everything has to be done again. Here's a reminder of the key dates.

All the dates for Phase 2 of the Trackmania Ascension

  • 13 to 27 August: mapping
  • 26 August to 1 September: registration
  • 2 to 3 September : qualifications
  • 16 September : Ascension Day in Lille

13 to 27 August: Mapping

The maps for the second phase of Ascension will all be different from Phase 1. The master of ceremonies, ZeratoRwill be back in action on the map editor from 13 August, creating a dozen new circuits. All the mapping will be done live, on Twitch channel.

From 26 August to 1 September: Registrations

Registration will open on 26 August 2023. The registration form will be available at that time and we will update this article when the time comes.

Registrations are open to all players. You do not need to have taken part in the first phase to take part.

From 2 to 3 September: Qualifications

The qualifiers will be played over a weekend on dedicated servers that will be notified to registered players. All registered players will be able to take part. As the rounds progress, the number of players still in the running will decrease. until only 16 remain.

16 September: Ascension Day in Lille

The 16 qualified players face off on stage at the Zénith in Lille. They battle it out to win 15% of total cashprize and the 8 best players will qualify to the final stage of the circuit, Ascension Montpellier.

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