Trackmania Access will change in 2024

Recently, Nadeo unveiled major changes to Trackmania offers. Starter access users will soon have to make do with just a few circuits in the seasonal campaigns. The levels Standard and Clubwill merge into a single offer. We explain everything you need to know in this article.

Changes to Starter access

Trackmania currently offers three different packages - Starter, Standard and Club - giving access to varying degrees of content in Nadeo's title. Users who just want to play occasionally can enjoy Starter accesswhich is completely free.

With it, you can play solo or take part in races with other players. One of the major advantages of this offer, apart from the fact that it's free, is that the ability to play all levels of each new seasonal campaign. Well, not for much longer...

Nadeo recently revealed a major change in this area. From 9 January 2024The Starter version has lost part of its access to the seasonal campaign. From the next Winter 2024 update, users of this level will have access to the seasonal campaign. will only be able to play on 10 seasonal circuits.

This decision follows the success of the title since its release on console, and, in fineto the growing number of players taking advantage of the free version. The developers want to balance out the content available via the various access points more evenly. The idea is to better reward those who pay for full access, while still allowing new players to discover Trackmania. As a result, those who go through the Starter offer will retain access to Royal, Classified and Arcade modes.

If you're a fan of Trackmania, and in particular Classified modeYou're probably wondering what this means for competitive games. Well, the answer couldn't be simpler: the 25 seasonal routes will still be available to everyone - even for Starter players. The studio has no plans to impose any restrictions, but is keeping an eye out for any problems caused by the fact that players will not be able to train on certain maps outside of Classified mode.


Standard and Club access merged

The other big change concerns the Standard and Club versions. These two offers are destined to disappear, as they will be merged into a single Club accessproposed to 19.99/year. The merger will take effect from January 2024. The new Club offer is likely to include everything from the content reserved for the current offer of this rank. In addition, all players who want to play on both console and PC will have to pay for access twice, as the game is available on two separate platforms.

If you already have Standard access, don't panic, you can still use it until it expires. If you buy the new Club access directly, the time remaining on your old Standard access will be added as Club time. For example, if you have 2 months of Standard access left and you buy 12 months of Club access, you will have 14 months of Club access.

Note that holders of 3-year Club access will continue to benefit from this subscription until it expires. Nonetheless, this offer will no longer be available for purchase after the 9 January update.

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