Gwen wins the Trackmania Ascension

Recently, the top sixteen players of the Ascension Trackmania tournament went head-to-head in the final at the Sud de France Arena in Montpellier. It was an emotional evening, GwenGamers First player, lifted the very first trophy of the competition and won over €62,000 in chasprizes.

From three-time winner of the Trackmania Cup...

Gwendal Duparcaka Gwen, is a regular at ZeratoR competitions. In the past, he has taken part in and won more than one ZrT Trackmania Cup. In fact, he's the only player in the world to have won an edition solo, in a duo and in a trio. These include his victory at Bercy alongside Affijust two days before his BAC exams.

Given his background, it's hardly surprising that he chose to enrol at Ascension, the new tournament proposed by ZeratoR and ZQSD Productions this year. Many others, like him, took part in the first stage qualification, but unlike the majority, Gwen secured his place for the second stage. the main event held in Lyon. The young driver shone in the semi-final - which featured a number of Trackmania Legends - and ended up being the first to qualify for the next round. What's more, he did it in style!

The Gamers First player didn't go unnoticed during the final either, but missed out on the podium after a poorly negotiated corner. Tjalic came out on top. Nevertheless, by finishing fourth in stage 1, Gwen not only won just over €1,900, but also and above all a slot for stage 3 which took place on Saturday 28 October in Montpellier.

... to the first champion of an Ascension tournament!

Gwen was part of the second semi-final on stage 3 of Ascension, alongside CarlJr, Massa and Affi. Thanks to the pick & ban system, he chose to start the competition on Dirtuyau6. He picked up a few points there, but his very aggressive style played tricks on himwhich prevents it from earning more.

If he picks up extra points thanks to the following two maps, that's for sure Pizzamap that he's really going to make a splash. Unstoppable, unflappable and daring, he has notched up a string of victories, and has even won the a world record. Still performing well on Lassants Sillons, he eventually secured his finalist status, before going on to claim his place in the Grand Final on Ascenciel, just after Affi.

For the FinalIn his first race, he chose the Trialogo map as his first playing field, a map on which he once again showed himself to be very aggressive, but this time it worked out rather well for him. While he remained at the top of the leaderboard for a while, he now finds himself at the bottom. in fifth position at the start of the fifth card. But nothing is lost yet. For the record, with the Cup format, players have to reach 120 points and then win another race to take the title.

Pizzamap made another appearance in the competition afterwards, much to his delight and that of the spectators. Once again, he was excellent. He went from 96 points to 126 points in four roundsAll of which prevented CarlJr, GranaDy, Glast and Affi from taking the title at the same time.

While we would have liked the show to have ended on this iconic map, Trackmania Ascension ended on Grottesque, the next map. At this stage, six players, including Gwen, have finalist status. All they need is one more victory. The tension is palpable. The Arena is ablaze.

Arthaniir won the first race and came close to winning the second, but Gwen decided otherwise. He managed his airtime a little better at the last hurdle and crossed the finish in the lead. It's done! Gwen has just won the Trackmania Ascension. In front of several thousand spectators and viewers, he lifted the first Ascension title.

As well as adding another title to his list of honours, he pocketed just over €64,640 all in all, a nice sum to help you look to the future with greater peace of mind. Because that's what Ascension is all about too, change someone's life!

Ascension Trackmania overall standings

Whether they reached the final of the third stage or not, the players present that evening were indeed the best Trackmania players in the world, as ZeratoR has said several times. As such, We congratulate them all on their remarkable progress in the tournament.

Trackmania Ascension Final standings.