What is the Royal mode?

The Royal mode is a new feature of Trackmania 2020, it is a battle royal in teams, available to allregardless of your access to the game. Thanks to this new mode, you can compete against other players in crazy tracks!

Operation of the Royal mode

This unique mode invites you to cooperate with other players from around the world. When you start a game, you join a team. You can also invite two other players to form your own trio. Fun fact: each team has an animal name.


When the match starts, you will be competing with other teams. The match lasts 5 rounds, during which teams are eliminatedThe teams will compete for the title on circuits that require agility and determination. All the teams will compete for the title on circuits that require a certain agility and a good dose of determination!

The map pool contains 20 tracks, with a new track every day. These different maps will also offer you driving on pipes than reversing across the line or driving without brakes ! In addition, you will have the opportunity to deal with moving and dynamic objectslike propellers or conveyor belts. Something to spice up your games.

Each circuit is played in 5 very short segments and without checkpointThis is the case if you don't hit any obstacles and don't turn your car around! These different segments, white, green, blue, red and blackYou will have to be more and more efficient. You will only have 2min30 to try to cross all the finish lines.


Your team should try toadvance as far as possible in the segments and as quickly as possible, before the other teams. Note that if a teammate completes a segment, you can simply join them to move on. However, when a team member completes a segment, you get extra time to complete the circuit, after the time limit has expired. This time can be valuable, so don't neglect it. Depending on the segment you have reached and the time you have taken to reach your last segment, you get a position in the ranking general.

During the round, your ranking is visible at the top of your screen and evolves. You must absolutely avoid falling into the red, in which case you risk elimination. If you reach the top of the last round, you will get a Royal victory. This will earn you points for your overall Trackmania ranking.


Super Royal mode

The Super Royal mode is based on the same rules as the Royal mode. The Super Royal phases are available every day, on 3 different time slots: 8pm / 4am / 12pm CEST.


You start with a classification match. Depending on your position at the end of the match, you will either be eliminated or sent to a division: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Master. In this division, you play a classic match, as in the Royal mode, until one team emerges victorious.


If you win the final round, you will get the title of Super Royal Champion. Each victory in this mode grants you "royal victories", depending on your division, which will earn you points for your overall ranking.

Becoming a mapper for Royal mode

As you read earlier, the map pool (20 tracks) is constantly changing. Every day, a circuit is replaced by a new one. The entire these new circuits come from independent mappers. You too can be part of it!

To do this, you must let your creativity speak for itself, while respecting some rules when creating of your tour:

  • Players must be able to complete the circuit in 2.5 minutes.
  • The circuit should be suitable for all types of players (beginners as well as experienced) and should not involve specific techniques, such as speed-drifting or nosebugging.
  • Your different segments (from white to black) should show a progressive difficulty.
  • Each segment is short and easily understandable.
  • To facilitate the overall understanding of the segments, your setting (landscape) should help the players understand the layout.

When you feel that your map is complete, all you have to do is send it to "review" via the Create menu. There, go to Submit Routes and search for your creation. If your track is selected, it should appear in the map pool shortly.

If you don't want to create a track, but just want to give feedback on the proposed maps, go to Create > Track Review > Review other tracks > Royal. You will be invited to play different maps and give your feedback at the end of them.


All you have to do is start a game to have fun! If you want to prove your talent in Trackmania, you can also play in classified mode. This will allow you to compete against players in intense matches. Before you can earn the title of Trackmaster, you must mastering drifting as well as speed management. If you want to know more about other subjects, please refer to our various guides.

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