Neo drift and Speed Drift in Trackmania

You are already familiar with drifting and want to take it to the next level? Then it's time to talk about two advanced drifting techniques: neo drift and speed drift.

Technique 1 - Neo drift

Drifting allows you to maintain your speed in tight turns or long platforms. But in some cases it is not possible to use it because you don't have enough speed to trigger it or because the turn is too tight.

But what to do? The answer lies in the neo drift. Beware of this type of drift only works on the asphalt road !

What is the purpose of neo drift?

In contrast to classic drifting, neo drifting allows you to drift but at low speed (below 180km/h). In reality, you will be forcing your vehicle to drift. This method is particularly useful when you make facing a pinheadThis can be a succession of short turns.

How does neo drifting work?

It's a simple trick to understand but it will take some practice. Whether you play with the controller or the keyboard, it works the same way. The neo drift consists of a rapid succession of several actions.


  • Always keep the accelerator pressed down
  • Steer your vehicle in the direction of the turn, then immediately release the steering
  • Redirect the car in the same direction but this time press the brake button.

If you want to stop the neo drift, just release the brake button.

To train, you can refer to map 16 of the training or in the countryside TMS Tricks from the TMSchool Club (requires minimum Standard access). Burn the rubber!

Technique 2 - Speed drift

When you use the classic drift you don't lose speed, but you don't accelerate more.

What is the purpose of speed drifting?

The speed-drift or SD, which can be used on all types of terrain, has a simple purpose: not losing speed and gaining more speed than if you were driving straight ahead without skidding. This skill is particularly interesting when riding on large linear or curved sections, e.g. a bend followed by an extended platform.

How does speed drifting work?

Before going into detail, keep in mind that the SD only works from about 390km/h. As a beginner, you should go for speeds close to 450km/h. You will be able to go down in speed once you have mastered its operation. To learn this method, you need to focus on the tyre tracks. This is essential, as you will have to play with the overlap of these tracks.

Tip: In order to make these traces darker and therefore more visible, you can change the quality of the shader to "High Quality".

There are several methods to initiate an SD such as :

  • After a slight jump, landing slightly sideways,
  • The use of hills or other sloping and flat areas on the circuit,
  • By forcing the speed drift after pressing the brake button (also called s4d),
  • When the speed is higher than 600km/h, simply turn.

As soon as you enter speed drift, you should immediately see the tracks of your 4 tyres. You will then have to ensure that you maintain a rear/front tyre track overlap of approximately 50%.
To do this, jerk in the direction of the turn at regular intervals. To stop an SD, simply straighten out your roads.

Pay attention to your tyre tracks!

Your journey towards the best times continues! You now know how neo drifts and speed drifts work. All that's left to do is train to become a Trackmania ace.

If you lack experience on the ice, if the turns seem too complex, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated guide to this land.

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