Which Access to buy on Trackmania

Trackmania 2020 is based on the free-to-play business model. If you can play without paying anything, there are two paid levels that allow you to enjoy more content.


Trackmania offers three levels of access:

  • Access Starter Free. This level is perfect for starting out and getting a feel for the game or playing casually.
  • Access Standard 9.99/year. Preferred level if you want to enjoy the majority of TrackmaniaWithout participating in major competitions and without necessarily having access to all the benefits of the clubs.
  • Access Club 29.99/year or €59.99 for 3 years. You can invest in this access if you want to enjoy the most complete experience and you plan to test your talent by participating in the official competition: theOpen Grand League.

It is possible to switch from Standard to Club access. In this case, 1/3 of the remaining time of the Standard access will be transformed into Club access. Also, if you already have a one-year Club access, you can switch to a 3-year Club access. The 3-year period will be added to the remaining period.

The major differences between the levels

This table shows the notable differences between the three levels.

BenefitsStarter AccessStandard AccessClub Access
Solo playxxx
Multiplayer game (live)xxx
Progression, medals and ranking systemxxx
Access to the seasonal campaign (25 new tours every 3 months)xxx
Get the ghosts of other playersxxx
Access to Classified modexxx
Access to the Arcadexxx
Access to Royal and Super Royal modesxxx
Access to previous campaigns of the yearxx
Access to the "Circuit of the Day", campaign and livexx
Access to the live 'Cup of the Dayxx
Monthly eventsxx
Public club fairsxx
Access to public club competitionsxx
Access to public club campaignsxx
Access to private clubs (e.g. Zerator's)x
Access to private club campaignsx
Access to private club activitiesx
Use of public and private club skinsx
Get VIP club ghostsx
Creating your own clubx
Create and share your own campaignsx
Create and host your own competitionsx
Participation in the Open Grand League by Nadéo-Ubisoftx
Playing locallyYesYes, you can play custom circuits or create a local server.Yes, you can play custom circuits or create a local server.
Access to skins and replays editorsSimplified editor.Full editors.Full editors.
Access to the map editorSimplified editor. Limited blocks.Full editor. All blocks.Full editor. All blocks.
Share your tours and have them tested onlinexx
Test other players' creationsxx
Find all the details on the official website of Trackmania.

If you do not renew your Standard or Club access, you will still retain some features:

  • For Standard access holders: Retention of the 100 official tracks of the year and the 365 "Track of the Day". You also keep access to the complete track editor.
  • For Club access holders: Preservation of the 100 official tracks of the year and the 365 tracks of the day. You also keep access to the full track editor. All items obtained via clubs (e.g. skins) remain associated with your account. If you had access for 3 years, you keep all the tracks over this period, that is 300 official tracks and 1095 "Track of the day".

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