Download and play Trackmania Cup 2022 tracks from ZeratoR

Whether you're looking to qualify for the Trackmania Cup 2022, or you just want to play the tracks in ZeratoR, you need access to the tracks. In this article, we explain in detail how to play on these famous maps.

The tracks of the Trackmania Cup 2022

As soon as a circuit is completed and validated by ZeratoR, it is integrated into its Club on the game servers. We will update the list of maps as they are validated. The list is built with the order of creation of the circuits. This order may have changed during the campaign.

  • Circuit n°1 - Bercy Meaucoup - #ZT22
  • Circuit n°2 - Wheel Sink - #ZT22
  • Circuit n°3 - Z/Place - #ZT22
  • Circuit n°4 - Cube Rail - #ZT22
  • Route 5 - Chicadrenboisinenfer - #ZT22
  • Circuit n°6 - Larma returns - #ZT22
  • Tour #7 - Better Ice (Mythic Edition) - #ZT22
  • Circuit n°8 - Long jump and air bump - #ZT22
  • Circuit n°9 - Niatnuom Ecaps - #ZT22
  • Circuit n°10 - Bercy to roof - #ZT22
  • Circuit n°11 - Dune not finish - #ZT22
  • Circuit n°12 - Old and Ring - #ZT22
  • Circuit n°13 - Haine Go Land - #ZT22

How to play on the circuits?

There are two methods to access the maps. Whether you use one or the other depends on your version of the game Standard or Club. If you only have the Starter version, you will not be able to play on these tracks.

Access to maps with the Standard version

If you use this method, you will need to go to Live Mode. To do this, click on Play in the main menu. Then you need to reach the Live taband then the Arcade.

With the Standard version, access the tracks of the Trackmania Cup 2022 through the Live menu.

The Trackmania Cup 2022 campaign is available in the first visible content. Make sure you select ZeratoR's campaign and not another player's.

In the Arcade tab, you can find the ZeratoR campaign among the first contents.

With this level of access, it is also possible to access the content of the TMCUP 2022 via the campaign library. Just search for "Trackmania Cup 2022" in the search bar.

Access to maps with the Club version

In the main menu, first click on Club. Look for the Club ZeratoR in the list and click on it.

Access the ZeratoR Club to find his tracks.

Once this is done, you just have to select the ZRT TMCUP 2022 exhibition in the list of available content.

Select the exhibition dedicated to TMCUP 2022.

From now on, you have all the keys in hand to find the tracks of the Trackmania Cup 2022. All you have to do now is train to beat all the records and maybe reach the Grand Final in Bercy!

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