Managing cameras in Trackmania

There are different types of cameras in Trackmania. Far from being a comfort option that you never touch, changing the camera angle has a real interest in terms of gameplay. Each camera offers different points of view which are more or less practical depending on the situation in play. In this guide we will review the different configurations and when they should be used.

The different cameras

There are four types of cameras.

  • Camera 1: The default camera, it follows the vehicle at a distance
  • Camera 2: is placed behind the vehicle and follows its trajectory
  • Camera 3: it is placed in the cockpit and offers better sensations
  • Free camera: allows the camera to move freely on the circuit

As you can see, only the first three cameras can be used in full race. We won't say much more about the free camera, except that it is triggered by pressing the key 7 of your keypad and is useful for pre-tracking a race.

Camera 1

CameraDefault keyFeaturesUsefulness
1 Pav. num 1 The whole car is visible
The camera is not fully attached to the car
Useful to see the drift
Use for driving on circuits

Pressing the Pav.num 1 key twice will take you to a close-up version of camera 1. To return to the default view, simply press the key again. If you are already in camera 1, you only need to press once.

Player view - Camera 1 - Normal mode
Player view - Camera 1 - Close-up mode
In-game view of cameras 1 Normal and Close-up

Camera 2

CameraDefault keyFeaturesUsefulness
2 Pav. num. 2The car can be seen from a closer and more rear view than the 1
The camera is attached to the car: real time tracking
Useful to see the drift
Use for driving on circuits
Useful for loops and head down areas

Pressing the Pav.num 2 button twice takes you to an even closer version of camera 2. To return to the default view, simply press the button again. If you are already in camera 2, you only need to press once.

Player view - Camera 2 - Normal mode
Player view - Camera 2 - Close-up mode
In-game view of cameras 2 Normal and Close-up

If you are comfortable with this camera, stick with it. Then you can do without the other cameras.

Camera 3

The third and last camera is more special. By default, it is activated with the Num. For this camera there are 2 possibilities of rendering in gameThese will require changes in the options: either you play in the cockpit or the cockpit is completely invisible.

Opaque or transparent cockpit

This camera 3 gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the cockpit, with a central speedometer. Some of you may enjoy this view, but beware!

  • With the opaque cockpit, you lose a lot of information. On the one hand you can't see the whole of your car, so you can't see if you have managed to trigger a drift for example. On the other hand, you are limited in your perception of the terrain, so on the rest of the circuit. This makes it very difficult to perform certain drops or jumps.
  • With the transparent cockpit version, you gain more information than with the opaque version.
Player view - Camera 3 - Opaque cockpit
Player view - Camera 3 - Transparent cockpit

You cannot use both cameras at the same time, you will have to choose. To do this, go to Options > Interface and select opaque or transparent according to your preference.

Camera 3 - Cockpit mode selection

Completely invisible cockpit

Pressing the Pav. num 3 key twice will take you to the alternative view in which the cockpit is completely invisible. To return to the default view, simply press the key again. If you are already in camera 3, you only need to press once.

This version is extremely useful, although it does not display a speed. It is very important in loops; it is more efficient than the camera 2. but also in "upside down" areas. It is possible to ride permanently with it, but it is not really recommended.

Switching to camera 3 during a loop

By default, when you press Pav. num 3, you will get the view in the cockpit, transparent or opaque depending on what you have set. If you want to get the default "invisible" view, go to Options > Interface and check the option "Prefer the alternative cockpit camera"..

Camera 3 - Invisible cockpit mode selection

Note: If some cards will require you to switch to camera 3This is particularly true for looping, this is not the case on most competition circuits. You will have to manage this change manually. So think about modifying the camera keys so that you can access them easily even in the middle of a game and be fluid in the potential changes. The same advice applies if you are playing with the controller.

Now that you know the different types of cameras present in Trackmania, all you have to do is choose between camera 1 and 2 to drive on the tracks. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, it's up to you to test and find the one that suits you best.

Please see our other guides on air-control or even drift control.

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