All Trackmania 2020 Guides

Trackmania may be a licence that is almost 20 years old, but it is still relevant today thanks to its simple yet technical game systems. This is especially true since the release of Trackmania 2020, which offers both an accomplished game environment for professionals and a welcoming entry point for new players.

To help those who want to start or progress in Trackmania, we have prepared a series of guides.

Trackmania Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide to Trackmania

Find out the basics and the ways to improve for new Trackmania players who want to move up to the next level very quickly.

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Trackmania Beginner's Guide

Which access to Trackmania to buy?

Trackmania 2020 is free-to-play. If you can indeed play without paying anything, there are still two paid levels, which will allow you to enjoy more content

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Playing with the Keyboard or Joystick

Should I play with the controller or keyboard?

Before you start playing, you have to decide which device to use. We compare the two handling devices, which are both equally playable.

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Managing cameras in Trackmania

Using the different cameras

Trackmania offers several camera positions, each of which is useful depending on the situation.

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Managing speeds in Trackmania

Managing speed and gear changes

If you just hold on to the accelerator without thinking, you will hit the wall. You will soon have to learn to manage your speed.

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Air Control in Trackmania

Mastering Air Control

Do not let go of the steering wheel once you are in the air: you remain in control of your vehicle and must negotiate the landing.

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Drifting in Trackmania

Mastering your turns with Drifting

The drift will allow you to maintain your speed, or even gain more speed, in the various turns.

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Driving on Ice - Trackamnia

How to drive on ice

Trackmania 2020's new frozen surface is not easily tamed. We'll help you stay on track.

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Neo Drift and Speed Drift in Trackmania

Managing Neo Drift and Speed Drift

These two drifting techniques for advanced players will save you precious seconds.

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What plugins should be installed on Trackmania?

These plugins allow you to display the times associated with medals, your inputs and the gearbox.

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How to win in ranked mode?

With the unique Ranked Mode, compete against other players in 3v3 in intense matches.

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What is the royal mode?

The royal mode is a battle royal where you compete against other players on crazy tracks!

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