Ascension Stage 3 format on Trackmania

The first edition of the Ascension is about to come to an end. During the third and final stage of the tournament, sixteen of the best Trackmania players in the world will compete in Arena Sud de France from Montpellier. While they fought it out for a place in the Final in the previous two phases, the stakes are very different this time. The winner will pocket no less than €89,600! With so much money at stake, it was important to choose the best format to decide between them.

Semi-final format

Cup mode : Get 120 points, then finish 1st.
Pick & Ban : 8 selected circuits and 8 banned circuits, from the 25 available.
Qualified : The top four in each group advance to the final.

Format of the Final

Cup mode : obtain 120 points, then finish 1st. Special features: Points counted even with finalist status, to define the podium. The game is stopped as soon as a player fulfils the victory conditions.

In Trackmania, when a match is played with Cup modeTo qualify, each player must accumulate a total of 120 points to unlock 'finalist' status. They then have to win another round to confirm their qualification or go on to win. During stage 3, The semi-finals and final will be played using this format.

Cup mode in Trackmania requires 120 points.

Normally, once a player has reached finalist status, their points counter stops. This time, the overall scores will continue to evolve, particularly during the final, until a player has met the two victory conditions mentioned above. This will make it possible to determine who will take second and third place on the podium.

Format of the semi-final and final of the Ascension on Trackmania - Montpellier stage

Also, and this is the other new feature compared with the previous stages, a pick & ban system will be introduced ahead of the semi-finals. Thanks to this selection, the drivers will be able to try and win points more easily by choosing the maps they are most comfortable with, or by banishing those that their opponents are more comfortable with. They can also decide the order in which the map they have selected is played.

  • Order of banns : seed 8 will ban a map first and seed 1 will ban a map last.
  • Order of Picks : seed 1 chooses a map first and seed 8 chooses a map last.
    • Seed 1 can decide that his map will be played in third place, for example.
How the Pick and Ban system works in Stage 3 of Trackmania Ascension

This is not insignificant when you consider that there are already more than twenty circuits in the map pool. You will find the list of tours available at the Montpellier stopover below. Please refer to our article dedicated to Ascension tours if you want to (re)discover them on video.

The maps designed by ZeratoR :

  • Lassants Sillons
  • Apres En Sillons
  • Pyra arrival
  • Plasticot
  • Peer markets
  • Wheels in red
  • Bluepinglace
  • Trialogo
  • Remasterieau
  • Quasi symmetry
  • Grottesque
  • Money tyre
  • RedconciLille
  • Phareapeaupied
  • Pinlace
  • Lenturn
  • Glasticut
  • DirTuyau6
  • TransfeRayou
  • Ascenciel
  • Pneumimporte
  • Eaugoutdujour

The maps designed by Stars :

  • First Stars
  • Third stars