CarlJr wins the Trackmania Grand League World Cup 2022

He did it! He did it again! CarlJr won this weekend his fifth world championship title Trackmania by winning the final of the Trackmania Grand League World Cup 2022. The auditorium of the Stade de France was the scene of extremely close matches where the suspense was at its height until the last round.

The semi-finals were already a great spectacle and the results were surprising. Pac, one of the big favourites, and Affi, winner of the Trackmania Cup 2022In the end, they were unable to make the difference and were eliminated at the gates of the final.

The final was between CarlJr, Mime, Mudda and Otaaaqthe survivors of a very long competitive TMGL tour. If CarlJr was the big favourite having won all 8 rounds of the group phase, he almost cracked under pressure in the final. Even though the then four-time world champion won the first 7 rounds of the final match, he had great difficulty in closing the match. Mime, a brand new player from Poland, was also imperious.

Everything was finally decided between these two players who had reached the status of Finalist, without being able to concretise their victories, the fault of the heroic surges of Otaaaq, the only Frenchman to have managed to reach the final. It is finally on a mistake of this very young player in the last turn that CarlJr managed to take the lead and win the race. Mime will then finish second of the tournament, followed by the Australian Mudda.

CarlJr therefore leaves with a new cup and the team Solary can add a nice victory to its record of achievements.