Bren and Otaaaq are Trackmania World Champions

This weekend, the World Championship of Trackmania brought together the best drivers in the world. Bren and Otaaaqrepresentatives of Karmine Corp, defeated the illustrious CarlJr and his sidekick Pac in the Grand Final. In doing so, they secured the first-ever World Duo Champions title.

The Trackmania World Tour is Trackmania's professional circuit. Each year, it culminates in the World Championship. Some players qualify on the basis of their performances over the course of the season, while others have to prove themselves in the Wildcard, a sort of (Very) Last Chance Qualifier.

The duo Bren and Otaaaq didn't need to go through this last-chance tournament to qualify for the Trackmania Championship. Despite a lacklustre season, the players from Karmine Corp. acquired 170 circuit pointsThis was enough to guarantee them a slot in the most prestigious tournament of the year. And in the Middle Stage - the stage that determines the finalists - they hit the nail on the head. The duo were among the cream of the crop, alongside the likes of Solary, Alliance and Gamers First.

Bren and Otaaaq, qualified for the playoffs of the Trackmania World Championship.

But they didn't start as favourites at all, Bren and Otaaaq simply beat the odds in the Final Stage, winning more and more Momentum. In Group B, they defeated Gamers First, before falling to Alliance. With one win and one defeat on the board, KCorp has released seed 2. Not enough to reach the semi-final, but the playoffs all the same!

Faced with Stufts and Whizzy, recently signed by WyldeBut the Karmine players kept their heads (and their wheels) in the right direction and won their match 4-2. This was followed by an intense semi-final full of twists and turns against the duo of Into The Breach. At the end of the game's seventh run, Blue Wall fans were probably bursting with joy behind their screens : Bren and Otaaaaq have earned their place in the Grand Final.

Already excellent in these playoffs, the two drivers had not yet finished impressing viewers and other competitors. In the final meeting of the Championship, which pitted them against CarlJr. and Pac - both former world champions - Bren and Otaaaaq were monstrous. The Karmine duo won Cosmos, Tubes, Edge, G-Force and Valley, i.e. five circuits out of the seven driven. And Bren has even broken three world records!

As victors in the final, these two friends have written their names in Trackmania esport history. And then some, they brought the World Championship trophy back to FranceA first since SuperCarlouf's victory in 2006. Hats off to you.