Standard Team List Patch 1.04 [1.04]

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  • Brimstone – Insane after plant potential with Molotov and Ultimate.
  • Cypher – Really good to hold a Site on Defense, Plus really good on attack coz you don’t need to watch flank.
  • Sage – Healing = extremely helpful for getting an early pick, not to mention her super strong stalling abilities.


  • Breach – His entire kit is to help allies get into a certain position/area or get a kill. Full utility in his kit.
  • Raze – Super annoying character that can easily take down a whole area with a few of her abilities.
  • Omen – Insane flash that could give you a free advantage over others. Not to mention really good for faking sites due to his smoke range.


  • Sova – Extremely helpful abilities to gather information. Super helpful when retaking a site.
  • Jett – Good for Operator picks and overall entering a bomb site.
  • Phoenix – Strong flash and really good sustainability with his healing.


  • None


  • Reyna – Does not contribute a lot to a team, however if the player is a very good aimer, Reyna is extremely annoying to play against.


  • Viper – Strong abilities if used correctly, however not buffed enough. (Might need an ability change)