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Let's explain this ranking! First of all, it should be noted that it's a tier list for soloQ.

You can find our suggestion for matches with premades of 3 or more on our team tier list.


Raze: Very controversial, Raze remains an agent above any other one in solo. Her very offensive kit will make you shine without depending too much on your allies. A grenade capable of delaying rushes but also doing enormours damage, a boost allowing to propel herself to height places, a Boom Bot to scout at short distance and an ultimate wreaking havoc in AoE... We can't say that Raze is a teamplay character but you have enough to have fun solo. We now know that the number of kills influences the evolution of the rank in competitive games. Her kit, only having damaging abilities, Raze is probably the best agent to quickly rank up, even if you shouldn't put your interest ahead of the interest of your team.


Sage: Sage has an exceptional kit that makes her a must have in any teamplay composition, of course, but also in solo. With a heal that can be used on herself, tools such as the Slow Orb and the wall that stops any rush or effectively defends the Spike, the possibility of boosting yourself thanks to the wall and the resurrection, Sage isn't simply a support depending on her team, but indeed an ultra strong pick that can solo carry.


Phoenix: Phoenix has two damage spells that also heal him, a wall, a flash to make beautiful openings and an ultimate that allows him to rush in without taking any risk. Phoenix is a rather selfish Agent, with spells mostly useful for himself. His kit is ideal for opening kills and to do a series of kills.


Breach: His flash is as useful to his team as to himself and his kit is perfect to dislodge or disorienting his opponents. In team or in solo, Breach is one of those agents that it's hard to do without.


Omen: Rejected in most tierlists, we think Omen is highly underestimated. His large smokes are very useful to take or to defend a site easily. Especially since it's his signature ability with a 30 seconds cooldown. It's therefore not impossible to put 4 to 5 smokes per round which makes this pick especially strong. He also has a flash, a teleport allowing him to go at height or to surprise the opponent and the perfect ultimate to go from one bp to another... Omen has nothing to be ashamed of and proves himself strong enough to shine as much in solo as in team.


Cypher: Cypher is an agent who reveals his full potential in a team with good communication and good compositions with his allies. If his kit is very interesting, especially to defend a site on his own, it will be difficult to take full advantage of him when you play him in soloQ.


Brimstone: His smokes are perfect to attack or to defend a site easily. If they are used at their best in team, they remain very useful in solo and allow you to lead your allies during a rush. Brimstone's Ultimate is devastating, ideal to injure many enemies, and his grenade completes this very offensive kit. The only disappointment: the Stim Beacon, which we are struggling to find the real use of.


Sova: As Cypher, Sova shines way more in a team that has a good communication than in soloQ. It's also an excellent counterpick for characters abusing smokes like Brimstone, Omen or especially Viper and her ultimate.


Jett: Jett is one of the funniest characters to play. Her ability to glide, her nervous gaemplay and her ultimate which aims to ace the enemy team each time make her a particularly fun and effective character in solo. However, her very selfish kit, with few useful spells (her smokes are very brief) places her below most of the other agents. If her contribution to the team is low, this kit is even problematic in solo where it'll be diffucult to manage situations when outnumbered other than by her pure skill.


Viper: Viper has a very interesting kit, thanks to her wall, her smokes and her ultimate which can make life hard for her opponents... or her allies. That's the whole problem. In solo with 4 strangers who don't communicate much or badly with you, this kit can be more bothering that anything else since your spells also poison your allies.

Note that Valorant, even in beta, remains relatively well balanced and that all the characters are playable and able to shine. Some stand oud indeed from the others in a good way but none is to be excluded.


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