Best tierlist evr [1.08]

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Sage’s wall is now so situational, it costs 100creds less, so she can buy ghost now (good for eco), but when opponents got rifles, only one can break it fast to make less sounds (even if you are several)

Breach’s flashes are so much powerful (top mid ascent for ins) and got 3 (wtf riot ????)

Raze can open sites with ulti and move people backsites

Brimstone’s molly is too much effective on thin corridors

Killjoy and Breach are too much strong for retakes (ulti, ulti + flashes)

Reyna got only her eye to play but can still clutch in 1v3 with ulti (autoheal, dodge)

Jett’s smokes are too small to be very effective, but increasing their size will be too much broken

Omen flash is surprising, but you can see the 5m near you, so you can still shoot where he will come from

Viper’s molly is too much strong, you can smoke the bomb with another molly to amp damage.

Phoenix’s flash and wall combo can be very effective on attack (like on Bind A site by middle), ulti can free open site with smokes

Cypher hasn’t been nerfed once since beta (Edges of the cage is bullshit)

Brimstone’s smokes can be deployed at the same time, just an insta-CPL everyround