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Lyyyress on top after 5 days of Hex League Set 9

It was the last week of the regular season and the last two days of the competition. If Lyyyress and L3S Coco have held their own, the rest of the rankings have changed dramatically and we now know who will be in the final and who will have to battle it out in the Up & Down of the Hex League - Set 9.


Overall standings after Day 5 - Hex League Set 9

Despite a poor performance on day 3, Lyyyress remained at the top of the overall rankings throughout the season. In the space of 20 matches, he achieved 3 Top1s, 5 Top2s and 3 Top3s, a respectable score consolidated by his overall consistency.

It is closely followed by L3S Cocowho achieved 4 Top 1s, 4 Top 2s and 5 Top 3s, but also had a number of empty spells with several Top 8s and Top 7s. Despite this, the player has been in second place since day 3 and has held onto it ever since. In the end, he is just 3 points behind Lyyyress in the final score table.

It's in the rest of the rankings that things are shaky. He was only 7th last week, IamTLT pulled off a real heist on day 4 with 3 Top1 finishes. A performance that propelled him into third place.

Positions 4, 5, 6 and 7 include Tarteman, Jedusor, V0mendeth and Brank each of which had both exceptional days and days of critical failures that undermined their results.

Finally, Texitadespite finishing third overall last week, just qualified for the final after the last few days of competition were not at all in his favour.

IziDream saw all his players progress to the final, but it was a blow for Aegis and Solary as all their players will have to play up & down. At the bottom of the table, we unfortunately find Xperion who had an extremely difficult season, winning an average of just 3 points per game.

Standing Final

Qualified for the final

  • 1st. Lyyyress (IziDream)
  • 2nd. L3SCoco
  • 3rd. IamTLT
  • 4th. Tarteman (Mihos Esports)
  • 5th. Jedusor (KiraCorp)
  • 6th. Vomendeth (Orks Grand Poitiers)
  • 7th place. Brank (IziDream)
  • 8th place. Texita

Must play Up & Down

  • 9th place. PasDeBol (Aegis)
  • 10th place. Voltariux (Solary)
  • 11th place. Zoro5773
  • 12th place. Magarky (Aegis)
  • 13th position. Un33d (Aegis)
  • 14th position. Vejeetah
  • 15th. Sunshee (KiraCorp)
  • 16th. Xperion (Solary)

The Grand Final and Up & Down

The Hex League Grand Final - Set 9 will take place on Monday 24th July. The top 8 players will go head-to-head to decide the champion of the set.

The 8.5 set was PasDeBol who wonBut he won't be in the final this time. Lyyyress on the other hand, seems well on the way to winning his second title. first in Set 8.

Up & Down will be played much later, on Tuesday 22 August. The 8 players will have to defend their place in the competition.

To follow the matches live and not miss any of the best action, find all the games on Shaunz's Twitch channel.