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Voltariux, winner of the Hex League Set 9.5 Final

Present in the Hex League since the first edition, Voltariux is without doubt one of the most successful players on the French circuit. Already victorious in the pastSolary's representative won a new French TFT Champion title at the end of a tough competition. Hex League Final Set 9.5. In doing so, he dethrones Jedusorwinner of the last edition.

For Voltariux, the first part definitely didn't go as he had hoped. He was quickly ejected and ended up with a top 6 finish. Nevertheless, thanks to his victory in the next roundHe moved up a little in the rankings. For the record, he owes his victory to a Noxus 9/Empress 1 composition. At the end of the third game, he took the lead in the final, two points behind Crococostaud.

However, it was not a foregone conclusion. With a first TOP1 in round 4 and 25 points in total, Zoro5773 also climbed to the top of the leaderboard, level with Voltariux. Unfortunately for him, the fifth game ended prematurely and another player took the opportunity to come in hot on Voltariux's heels. Opale takes his place on the second step of the provisional podium.

Voltariux, maintains pole position with a second TOP2 finish. At this stage, he still hasn't secured victory, but has a four-point lead over the second-placed team, which means he can look forward to the sixth and final part of the season with greater confidence.

With Opale at 28 points and Zoro5773 at 27The objective could not be clearer: Voltariux must achieve at least a TOP5 ranking to win this final. Although the game got off to a poor start, the Solary player ended up winning one victory after another and finding the missing units to build up an interesting board. Even though he didn't win the game, he finally achieved his "TOP5" objective. That evening, Voltariux won his second French TFT Champion title.

Overall Final standings

  • 1st - Voltariux
  • 2nd - Zoro5773
  • 3rd - Opale
Hex League Final overall ranking Set 9.5

The Hex League is over

In a recent video, RalbaxBrand Manager at Riot Games, spoke about the future of TFT esports in France. After more than a year and a half of competition, the studio wants to develop the TeamFight Tactics circuitto put the community back at the heart of the project.

For the moment, we don't know the details of the new format, but we should have more information in mid-November. The changes will be operational from set 10.