Teamfight Tactics

The HEX League of Teamfight Tactics

Riot Games launches the Hex League in 2022! A brand new French league of Teamfight Tactics which brings together the best French-speaking players for very high-level games on its strategy game. Here is all you need to know about this competition.

What is the Hex League?

As we said in the introduction, the Hex League is the new official French professional league of Teamfight Tactics. This tournament replaces the French Masters organised by Shaunz during Set 6.

The competition brings together the 16 best French-speaking players. Among them, 10 players have been selected thanks to their results in the EMEA FinalsThe European final of Teamfight Tactics on Set 6. One player, Lyyyress, was selected as French Champion title. The last 5 players won their places thanks to a qualifying tournament.

Who are the players?

Here is the list of all the players:

Qualified through the EMEA Finals

  • Un33d (Aegis)
  • PasDeBol (Aegis)
  • L3S COCO (Solary)
  • Voltariux (Solary)
  • Double61 (Karmine Corp)
  • Canbizz (Karmine Corp)
  • Bränk (Izi Dream)
  • Aware (Lille Esport Club)
  • Mamene (MCES)
  • Xperion (Project Conquerors)

French TFT Champion

  • Lyyyress (Izi Dream)

Via the qualifying tournaments

  • Zykoo
  • Zoro5773
  • Magarku (Aegis)
  • Arewilia (Utopie Esport)
  • IAmTLT

What format for the Hex League?

The Hex League consists of 2 splits The split is divided into two phases. Each split is divided into two phases: the regular season and the final phase.

In the course of the regular seasonIn this competition, players compete over 5 days, spread over 3 weeks, and are awarded points according to their ranking at the end of each game. They play 4 games per competition day, which means that each player plays 20 games. The tournament is divided into two lobbies of 8 players. The composition of the lobbies changes every two games, so that all players meet at least twice during the regular season.

The distribution of points is as follows:

ResultTop 1Top 2 Top 3 Top 4Top 5 Top 6Top 7Top 8
Points obtained87654321

The 8 players with the most points at the end of this phase will qualify for the final phase. The title of French Champion will then be played in 6 rounds. Moreover, the 2 best players of this final will win their place for the SuperBrawlDuring this event, they will represent France against other European countries.

What sets do they play?

The Hex League starts on Set 7 and will remain on it throughout the first split. The various updates, prior to Set 7.5, will apply. During the second split, the 7.5 set will be used.

What is the Hex League Calendar?

The Hex League Split 1 is played every Monday and Tuesday from 6pm. The competition starts on 11 July and ends with the final on 1 August .

The promotion-relegation tournament between the Hex League and the Open Tour will take place on Tuesday 26 July.

Hex League - Split 1 schedule

How to follow the matches?

All Hex League matches are cast by Shaunz and broadcast on his personal Twitch channel. Feel free to check it out every Monday and Tuesday at 6pm.

I'm too good at TFT too, how do I participate?

In parallel to the Hex League, Riot Games wanted to set up another competition: The Open Tour France. This tournament aims to highlighting talent of the French Teamfight Tactitcs community. It is open to any player ranked at least diamond 3 on TFT (be careful, you have to play on a Western European server to participate!)

The Open Tour is in fact a springboard for the Hex League. The top 4 talents of this secondary competition will face the bottom 4 of the Hex League, during a promotion-relegation tournament. This last one will be played in 5 rounds only. The Top 4 will move up to the next level in the second split.

If you want to find the best compositions and the most beautiful actions of each day, we propose you a daily recap of the Hex League.