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Resumption of the Hex League, the French TFT league

The Hex League was created in 2022, replacing the French Masters which were organised by Shaunz. Once again, it brings together the best fighters in France for high-flying games on TFT. In this article, we explain everything you need to know about the competition.

What is the Hex League?

The Hex League is the official French circuit of TeamFight Tactics. It was inaugurated last year. This competition includes the 16 best performing French players. They compete over several weeks for the title of Best Player.

In 2022, two French Champions were crowned via the Hex League. Voltariux has won in Split 1, while it was Canbizz who emerged victorious of the second Split.


All the participants obtained their place last year, thanks to their good performance in the second segment or via the Up And Down tournament. Here is the full list of participants:

  • Lyyyress (Izidream)
  • Xperion
  • Double (Karmine Corp)
  • Un33d (Aegis)
  • PasDeBol (Aegis)
  • Tarteman (MIH) - Up And Down
  • Texita (PCS)
  • Magarky (Aegis)
  • Gheed (Exalty)
  • IAmTLT (Atlantis Wave) - Up And Down
  • Zoro5773 - Up And Down
  • Zyk0o (MIH)
  • Mattress - Up And Down
  • Volatriux
  • Canbizz (Karmine Corp)
  • L3S Coco

What is the format of the Hex League 2023?

As last year, the Hex League is divided into two Splits each of which is itself made up of two phases The regular season and the playoff phase.

During the regular seasonThe players play a total of 20 roundsThe competition is spread over 5 days, with 4 rounds per day. On each match day, the 16 competitors are divided into two lobbies. The composition of these lobbies changes every two rounds, so that all participants compete twice during the Split. The objective is simple: to obtain the best possible place for collect as many points as possible.

ResultTop 1Top 2 Top 3 Top 4Top 5 Top 6Top 7Top 8
Points obtained87654321

A general ranking is created at the end of the first day of competition and then evolves throughout the Split. The 8 players with the most points after the last match day qualify for the second phase, namely the playoffs.

The most successful of them start with a points advantage: the first will have a 4-point lead, the second 3 points, the third 2 points and the fourth only 1 point. The playoffs are played in 6 rounds. Here again, participants must accumulate the maximum number of points in order to obtain the title of French Champion.

In addition, the Hex League offers players a chance to enter several major tournaments, including the Golden Spatula and the TFT SuperBrawl. Unlike last year, this last tournament no longer qualifies for the Rising Legends Finals EMEA competition.

The Hex League 2023 calendar

The first Split of 2023 starts on Monday 23 January and ends 13th February with the playoff phase. The promotion-relegation tournament will be held in the on 28 February.

Hex League - Split 1 schedule

How do I join the league?

TFT Open Tour France takes place in parallel to the professional circuit. This is the official semi-professional circuit, set up by Riot Games. The aim of this circuit is to reveal new French talentThe program is open to all players who wish to participate in the competition. It is open to all players rated Diamond 4 minimumand requires to evolve on the Western Europe server.

The circuit includes 3 Different Qualifiersspread over the first split. At the end of the segment, the top 4 players from the OTF will face the bottom 4 from the Hex League during the Up And Down. The TOP4 of this promotion-relegation tournament will take part in the second split.

If you want to try your luck and join the League for the Split 2, you can already register for the first Qualifier. To do so, go to the official website of the Hex League.

All Hex League matches are live commentated by Shaunz, and broadcast on Twitch channel. If you wish to follow the matches, please note that they start at around 6pm.