Teamfight Tactics

Resumption of the Hex League, the French TFT competition

The Hex League is the professional league dedicated to TeamFight Tactics. After several weeks of competition, Voltariux won the final of the first Split. The Solary player is coming to challenge for his title in the second split of the year. The other 15 participants are determined to take his place and will give everything they have in the first matches. These are scheduled for Monday 10 October from 6 pm.

Some changes for Split 2

In the first part of the season, players played against each other in Set 7. The second split will be played with the 7.5 set. The other change announced by Shaunz concerns the final phase. In Split 1, all players started from scratch during the final. This time, the best players of the regular season will start with a slight lead in points. The first will get 4 points, the second 3 points, the third 2 points and the fourth 1 point.

Who are the Split 2 players?

At the end of the first Split, the twelve best players automatically qualified for the rest of the competition. The other four competitors were determined via the Up&Down tournamentThe event included players from Split 1 and the top of the French Open Tour.

Players already present at Split 1

  • Un33d (Aegis)
  • PasDeBol (Aegis)
  • Magarku (Aegis)
  • L3S Coco (Solary)
  • Voltariux (Solary)
  • Double61 (Karmine Corp)
  • Canbizz (Karmine Corp)
  • Aware (Lille Esport Club)
  • Xperion (Project Conquerors)
  • ZyK0o
  • Zoro5773
  • Lyyyress (Izi Dream)

Qualified via the Up&Down tournament

  • Gheed (Exalty) - keeps his place
  • IamTLT - keeps its place
  • Texita - joins the league
  • Kenobi (beGenius) - joins the league

Hex League Split 2 Schedule

The second half of the season will be from 10 October to 24 October and the promotion-relegation tournament will be held on 25 October. The new champion will be crowned during Grand Finalwhich is scheduled for 31 October.

Hex League Split 2 Schedule

To follow the first matches of this second Split, go to Shaunz's Twitch channelfrom 6pm.