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Up and Down recap (Hex League Split 8.5)

The fifth day of the regular season had determined the four players who should participate in the Up and Down the Hex League. The latter competed against the four selected players from the French Open Tour. At the end of the five rounds, three of them managed to keep their slot for the 2024 season, namely Sunshee, Tarteman and Zoro5773. The last qualifier for next year is a newcomer. Finishing on pole position, Vejeetah has amply earned his promotion!

The players of the Up and Down tournament

Whether they came from the Split 8.5 or the Open Tour France, the Up and Down participants were all determined to win. Here is the complete list of players:

Players from the Split 8.5

  • Sunshee
  • Zoro5773
  • Tarteman
  • Volta mattress

Players from the French Open Tour

  • Bränk
  • Sam Lebriz
  • Yaroy
  • Vejeetah

Ranking and results of the day

Very efficient throughout the evening, Vejeetah won this Up and Down tournament with 29 points. He was closely followed by Sunsheewho had a total of 26 points. Tarteman24 points, completed the podium.

  • 1st. Vejeetah
  • 2nd. Sunshee (KRC)
  • 3rd. Tarteman (MIH)
Results of the Up And Down - Hex League 2023 - Set 8.5

Who made TOP 1?

The eight competitors were grouped in a single lobby. There is therefore only one winner per game. Here is the list of the different winners:

  • Game 1: Zoro5773
  • Game 2: Sunshee
  • Game 3: Vejeetah
  • Game 4: Zoro5773
  • Game 5: Sam Lebriz

Who goes up and who goes down?

This competition grants a place in the Hex League 2024 to the 4 best players. Thus, Sunshee, Tarteman and Zoro5773 retain their place in the league for next season. A new face will make his first steps at the professional level during the next Split, as Vejeetah finished at the top of the ranking. On the other hand, Volta mattress is relegated to the lower level. Bränk, Sam Lebriz and YaroyAs far as the latter are concerned, they remain at the level of the French Open Tour.

The winning compositions

We salute the performance of all the players who participated in this tournament. They all gave their all to win, but some of them were even more successful, winning one or two games during the evening.

Zoro5773's double

If he finished at the bottom of the ranking on two occasions, Zoro5773 is also the only player to win two games on the night. He first won against Matela de Voltain the first part, thanks to an Aegis Brawler composition. To win his second TOP1, he defeated Yaroy during game 4. This time, he was counting on its Forecaster/Threat teamThe focus is on BelVeth, Garen and Janna in particular.

Victory in Game 1

Victory in Game 4

Sunshee, Vejeetah and Sam Lebriz wins

Already good in the first part, Sunshee was even more effective in the next round. From the lowest step of the podium, he moved to the highest. In the final face-off, he met Sam Lebriza player he brought down with his Infini Team/SureshotThe main focus is on her Samira and her two Ultimate Ezreals.

In game 3, it was our big winner of the day who took the TOP1. Vejeetah defeated Bränk by taking advantage of a Threat Corrupted Forecaster mix. For this fight, he had two Aurelion Sol, two Fiddlesticjs, a BelVeth and a Janna, to name but a few of the ingredients.

In the first four parts, Sam Lebriz showed some interesting things, but only really shone in game 2, a match in which he finished in second place. The fifth and final game of the evening was his last chance to show his full potential. And thanks to his composition Threat CorruptedWith the help of BelVeth, Aurelion Sol and Garen in particular, he defeated Tarteman and obtained a TOP1.