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Up and Down recap - Hex League Set 9.5

About a month ago, the Hex League Set 9 ended with Jedusor's victoryplayer who had qualified on the wire, through of the latest Up and Down. In the run-up to the new season, a new promotion/relegation tournament was held. At the end of five hotly contested games, three new faces emerged, Opale, Kenobi WG and CrocoCostaudhave secured their place on the French professional TFT circuit.

Players in the promotion/relegation tournament

The Hex League is not a completely closed circuit, as there is an official springboard for entry. Thanks to the Open Tour FranceThe best amateur TFT players can try to reach the professional level.

At the end of the various qualifying stages, the four best-performing participants earn a place in a promotion/relegation tournament, entitled Up and Downs. There, they take on the four worst-performing players from the regular season. The top 4 in this tournament advance to the next season of the Hex League.

Here is the list of players who played last night:

Players from the regular season

  • Vejeetah
  • AEG - Magarky
  • KRC - Sunshee
  • SLY - Xperion

Players from the French Open Tour

  • Phyllalix
  • Opale
  • Kenobi WG
  • PCS - CrocoCostaud


  • 1st. Opale
  • 2nd. Kenobi WG
  • 3rd. CrocoCostaud
Final Hex League Up and Down rankings - Set 9.5

Who goes up and who goes down?

At the end of this inter-split tournament, only the top four players in the overall rankings move on to the next stage of the competition. As mentioned above, Opale, Kenobi WG and CrocoCostaud will be joining the next split as newcomers. Vejeetahmanaged to keep his place on the circuit.

On the other hand, Sunshee, Magarky and Xperion were relegated to the lower level, along with Phyllalix, who just missed out on qualification. Even though they were the least successful of the evening, the final scores show just how close the games were, and that they are all excellent players in spite of everything.

The winning compositions

The Up and Down tournament takes place in five different parts. Several players came out on top on the night. Here we take a look at the duels that brought them victory.

Vejeetah's double

During the regular season, Vejeetah struggled to make his way up the rankings, finishing in fourteenth place. During the Up and Down, however, he shone twice, by winning games 1 and 5.

Despite his one remaining hit point, he simply crushed Opal three times in a row thanks to its Zaun/Canonnier compositionThe result was Vejeetah's first TOP1 win. Vejeetah picked up his second win of the evening against Xperion. This time, he relied on an Ionia/Bastion combination.

Kenobi, Phyllalix and Opale also come out on top

In round 2, Kenobi forged a Cannonier/Zaun team which enabled it to annihilate Xperion, and in fineto claim victory.

PhyllalixHe won the next game. Throughout heat 3, he dominated the battles, but the final duel was not so easy to win. Margaky gave everything he had to try and turn things around, however. the mixed composition of Targon, Bastion and Iles obscures of his opponent ended up knocking him out.

Against all the odds, CrocoCostaud lost to Opale in game 4. The latter benefited from a well-stocked board, based on Challengers and Ionia. This victory enabled him to move up the rankings and was a major factor in his finishing in first place at the end of the evening.