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PasDeBol wins the Hex League (Final - Set 8.5)

Finishing in the lead of the general ranking, of the regular season, PasDeBol demonstrated his talent. Determined to win, the Aegis player established his dominance in the French circuit during the Hex League Final Set 8.5. Several times first and second, he simply never left the podium in six games played. His consistency and efficiency have enabled him to dethrone Lyyyress ; the new French Champion is him!

Victory for PasDeBol, Aegis player


Because of its pole position in the general ranking, PasDeBol had four bonus points. He took advantage of this slight advantage to run away with the score. He accumulated no less than 47 points after the six games of the evening, 8 more than V0mendethTOP 2 of this final. TexitaHe also won two games, which gave him the opportunity to reach the last step of the podium.

Podium of the Final

  • 1st. PasDeBol (AEG)
  • 2nd. V0mendeth (OGP)
  • 3rd. Texita (PCS)
Scores and rankings of the Hex League 2023 final on set 8.5.

Who made TOP1?

In contrast to the match nights during the regular season, the players were all grouped in a single lobby. There is only one winner per game. You can find the list of winners below:

  • Game 1: PasDeBol
  • Game 2: Lyyyress
  • Game 3: Texita
  • Game 4: Texita
  • Game 5: V0mendeth
  • Game 6: PasDeBol

PasDeBol did not leave the podium

The Aegis representative started the evening on a high note, taking the first win of the day against Xperion. In the next game, PasDeBol was still very good, but had to settle for third place after being eliminated by Lyyyress. In games 3, 4 and 5, he reached the final duel again. He lost twice to Texita and was defeated by V0mendeth the third time. Nevertheless, with several TOP2s on the scoreboard, he is getting a lot of points. Furthermore, PasDeBol ended the final in style, as he won another TOP1, this time against Jedusor.

The winning compositions of PasDeBol

The first win of the day almost went under PasDeBol's nose. When it comes to Xperion, he has a significant VP deficit, 6 against 21. Nevertheless, his mix Threat Ox Force Spellslingers came to the rescue of the opposing Mordekeiser. The team included Fiddlesticks, Twisted Fade and Neeko.

It took several attempts before PasDeBol managed to bring down Jedusor in this last duel. While everyone assumed that he would have to form a Mordekeiser 3 to win, this was not necessary. In this game, he had a mixed composition of Gadgeteen, Forescaster, Spellslinger in particular, focusing on Gnar, Mordekaiser and Annie.

The next step is none other than the promotion-relegation tournamentwhich will take place on Tuesday 9 May. If you want to find out if there are any new challengers to the Hex League in 2024, please visit Shaunz's Twitch channel from 6pm.