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Lyyyress wins Split 1 of Hex League 2023

After several weeks of competition, the first Split of the Hex League is now over. Lyyyresswho works for Izidream, won the trophy and the title of best French player at the end of an intense final full of upsets.


The final is played in six successive rounds. As a result, all players have a chance to reach the top of the podium, despite a poor performance in one game. LyyyressThe winner had the opportunity to come back from being in last place in the first round. At the end of the six games, he had accumulated 35 pointsA total that ensured him the lead in the ranking. However, the victory was not a foregone conclusion, as he was closely followed by Texita and Double61both on a par with 34 points.

Podium of the final

  • 1st. IZI - Lyyyress
  • 2nd. PCS - Texita
  • 3rd. KC - Double61
Results and standings of the Hex League 2023 Split 1 final.

A very good performance

At this level of the competition, nothing is certain. During the first game of the final, Lyyyress was quickly eliminated and ended on a TOP8. The defeat did not dampen his resolve, quite the contrary.

In the next game, he was more fortunate and managed to defeat Volta mattress to get a first TOP1. Very efficient, he managed to get to the final duel in the next round. This time he crushed Double61 to get a second chance to win the TOP1his last victory of the evening.

In heats 4 and 5, he gets a TOP3 and a TOP4 and finally ends up on a TOP2 in the final game. Thanks to this last great performance, Raphaël Duret overtakes Double61 and Texita in the total score and becomes the new French TFT Champion.

Lyyyress' winning compositions

  • Composition in Round 2: To win against Matelas de Volta, Lyyyress relied on a mix of Aegis/Arsenal with Vi, Sejuani, Zac, Samira, Ekko, BelVeth, Aphelios, Fiddlesticks and Urgot.
  • Composition in Round 3: Lyyyress once again owes its victory over Double61 to a team Aegis/Arsenal. However, the composition has changed a little between the two games. In the last duel he had Vi, Sejuani, Samira, Ekko, Fiddlesticks, Leona, Aphelios, Urgot and Janna.